Which Radiators Work Best for Open Plan Spaces

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During the course of this article, we discuss the use of radiators in open plan, designer, spaces. This is for anyone looking to move away from a more traditional style of radiator and to venture out into the beautiful world of designer radiators.


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Which Radiators Work Best for Open Plan Spaces:

Which Radiators Work Best for Open Plan Spaces


In the UK, we have a nice mixture in terms of the style of our houses. In most cities, you'll find that we have many Edwardian, Victorian, 1960s, and contemporary houses. It seems as if these were pertinent boom years for the construction industry.   Lately, and regardless of the property type, we’ve seen a huge increase in the popularity of open plan homes; some people are knocking through their kitchen, dining room, and lounge, to create large sprawling spaces; others are designing their homes this way from scratch.


Given this change from small compact rooms to large open plan rooms, you can now understand the need for different types of radiators/heat sources. The traditional radiators of the past now look somewhat out of place for open plan living. They can often look as if they’ve just been plonked on the wall – not a great look for those of us going for the modern/designer appearance!   Fortunately, the radiator manufactures have long cottoned onto the trend, and brands such as Chatsworth radiators do some incredible lines just for this purpose. Nowadays, no longer are our radiators merely functional and efficient, they’re also beautiful and fitting to the design. In fact, some of them even double as modern art installations, and this is no exaggeration. Either google or follow the link at the bottom of the page, and look up the following radiators:  


Carisa Adagio : wow. This is definitely somewhat decadent, and the price tag is scary (£14K!), but it’s awesome. For those of you who don’t want to google, this radiator looks like a harp.   Aeon Speira : this is definitely a personal favourite, and would fit right at home in a modern, designer, open plan space. This is the kind of radiator I’d expect to find in Bill Gates’ house or some equally rich person…although £4K for a radiator might be a bit below what he’s willing to pay. Still, the way it lights up is incredible. Aeon Moon : Erm , hello? It looks like the surface of the moon! What more do we need to say. It is incredible – perfect for Pete Lawrence’s house (famous astronomer).    


You can see from the above examples that they fit perfectly within designer spaces. They don’t look like radiators, but they are. Not only that, but they are all highly efficient too. The Aeon Speria in particular is able to produce a lot of heat. Yes, the price tags are hefty though. Even the cheaper designer radiators, such as the Chatsworth radiators , cost around £150, which is about 3x more expensive than the cheaper traditional ones. Still, it’s worth it if you can afford it.   If you do choose to buy a designer radiator such as the ones listed above (although probably in the cheaper range for most of us!), then you do need to be careful. You must make sure that the radiator can handle the heat output required for the room, which will be much greater than for the smaller rooms that we have been used to.


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