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Compact heaters are just as efficient as their conventional counterpart. This is because of the way they are manufactured.


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Welcome to DesignerRadiatorsDirect:

Welcome to D esignerRadiatorsDirect


With our modern homes getting progressively smaller it is no surprise that compact radiators have become very popular . Radiators are there in our homes to keep us warm during winter. As far as thermal output is concerned, the compact styles are no less efficient than their bulkier counterparts. They just sit neater in our homes . One of this kind is the panel radiator which has fins showing on the top and an panels fitted to the front. You will be able to buy them with single or double fins. As you can appreciate, the more fins they have the higher the heat output. COMPACT RADIATORS ARE EQUALLY EFFICIENT

Compact Radiators:

Compact Radiators

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The fins form a zigzag pattern and these are attached to the tank which is heated by water that is circulated by your boiler. This way manufacturers have been able to increase the heat surface area. You need to know that a single panel f fins will radiate more heat than a conventional single radiator . Why are these manufactured at all you might say? Well, if you have a small hallway or cloakroom, these type of heaters will take up much less room with more heat than the above traditional style . As these radiators can be fitted snuggly to the wall they do not stick out as much as the conventional type and you will gain more room.

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There are several other types of compact radiators on the market. The first to mention is the low model which sits below a large window. You may not be able to have a heater with height, but these are elongated low versions of the conventional radiator which will fit under most windows or even a patio door . Most of us are now familiar with ladder heaters. They are very often fitted in bathrooms, kitchens and cloakrooms. Because of their ability to hang several towels on them they are ideal for these spaces. This type of heater is very stylish and modern. They are often made with a shiny chrome finish for added appeal.

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The added advantage of the ladder type is that they are available as dual fuel as well as electric models. The electrically operated ones are sealed units and they are easy to install. They merely need a convenient power point and because they are sealed they do not need circulating water to heat up . It is always advisable when you need to buy new radiators to do some research. This can be done on the internet where there is much advice available. Once you have made your choice, you can go to your local shop to see for yourself how they look and what the quality of the product is . It is often cheaper to buy goods on the internet and more often than not delivery times will be more advantageous. Bought online they can be with you in a matter of days rather than weeks.

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