What You Need to Know about Buying Chrome Radiators

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What You Need to Know about Buying Chrome Radiators Chrome radiators are very popular. This is almost definitely down to the fact that they look great. However there are a few problems with chrome radiators and it is important that you understand these issues before you make your purchase. It may be that even though they look great they don’t suit your purpose and are therefore a poor choice. However sometimes such is the case with chrome towel radiators they are ideal. So read on and find out all you need to know about buying chrome radiators. Is It True That Chrome Radiators Are Less Efficient Unfortunately it is true that chrome is less efficient than other metals for use in radiators. This is because chrome is slightly more insulating that cast iron steel and aluminium. This means that it keeps the heat inside the radiator rather than emitting it as much as the other metals would do. The effects are relatively small but they are there nonetheless. The place where chrome works best is in the bathroom. This is because chrome towel radiators warm the towels which emit heat at a greater rate than metal. They keep the room warmer for longer. There are also things that you can do to improve the heat output – even though the difference is marginal and you don’t really need to do this – such as placing a reflective surface you can buy special paint or special material to place behind the radiator behind the radiator. This reflects the heat back into the room and so heat is not lost in the walls. What Are the Advantages of Chrome Radiators If efficiency were the be-all-and-end-all of radiator choice then we wouldn’t have chrome radiators on the market. However we do have them and this should tell you that there are advantages to this type of radiator. Let’s explore these advantages in more depth: 1. They look amazing: chrome is definitely the most attractive style of radiator perhaps it has a rival in stainless steel but in general chrome looks the best. Chrome is elegant and sophisticated. Furthermore the metal is highly malleable which means that you can find a much greater range of designs. There are some funky radiators out there if you care to look. 2. They’re modern: chrome is one of the newest metals that we have found and so it naturally looks more contemporary. It is the perfect choice for newer builds or new interior design projects that want to appear more modern. These are the fashionable radiators: the glitterati of the radiator world.

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3. They made of to a high standard: chrome radiators tend to have the best build quality. This means that they last longer than other types of radiator. For instance they rust much less frequently than aluminium radiators. 4. Maintenance: chrome radiators are easy to keep clean. All you need to do is wipe over the radiator with a damp cloth. If you would like to browse a collection of chrome radiators including chrome towel radiators then please visit Designer Radiators Direct.

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