7 Tips For First-Time Car Buyers With No Credit History

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Just graduated from college Finally found a job where you make enough to afford a car If you’re looking to buy your first car but afraid your lack of credit will get in the way don’t worry – you can still qualify for financing even without any credit history. Just follow these steps…

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The first thing you should do before buying a new car is request a copy of your credit report from all three major credit bureaus. Your car dealer will be looking up your credit history and you want to make sure that your credit score gives an accurate representation of your history. Since you don’t know which bureaus the dealership will be getting a report from you want to make sure all three are correct.

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Before you buy a car it’s important to know exactly what you can afford. Keep in mind that monthly loan payments aren’t the only expenses you’ll have to pay – there’s also gas insurance and maintenance. Be honest about your monthly budget if you try to buy out of your price range it will cause a lot of problems down the road.

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To estimate how much you’ll be paying in auto insurance get a quote online. Keep in mind that a plan with a low annual percentage rate APR will have lower monthly payments but will end up costing you more in interest in the long run. Shorter contracts tend to have higher interest rates but they often end up saving you money overall.

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It pays to do your research when shopping for a car. Look for used vehicles or leasing options that may help you save money and find out what special offers manufacturers and local dealerships are offering on certain models. Don’t just research the cars either – be sure to look into the warranty extensions protection plans and other optional expenses that dealers are offering and figure out which ones are worth the additional cost.

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Having a family member with a strong credit history cosign on a car loan is often the easiest way for new car buyers to qualify for financing. If you and your potential cosigner are both confident that you can make your monthly payments and that signing a loan together won’t damage your relationship having an additional signature on your loan can make buying your first car much easier.

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When you go to buy your car you’ll need to provide at least six months’ worth of paystubs/W2s to prove employment and salary proof of insurance up to six personal references and proof of school enrollment and graduation. If you don’t have the paperwork to show your employment and income history or haven’t started your new job yet have your employer write a letter to the dealer that confirms your salary.

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Congrats You’ve qualified for a loan and found the car you want. Now all you need to do before buying is to take your new car for a test drive. Even if you’ve fallen in love with a car at first sight do not sign anything before you’ve driven it yourself. If it doesn’t handle how you want find a car that does. You don’t want to get stuck with a car you’re not happy with after all the work it took to get it.

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