How to Maintain the Value of Your Car

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Presentation Description | Many factors are considered when determining the value of a car, including condition, age, and mileage. Taking advantage of the simple things that can be done to control the value of your car will increase the amount of money you can get when it is time to sell.


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Most car owners are only concerned with value once it is time to sell but the upkeep required to retain value requires consistent effort throughout the time of ownership. The care you put into a vehicle will directly impact the price you can command when it’s time to sell. It will also increase overall satisfaction and pride while it’s yours. There are several things you can do to slow depreciation and maintain value. MAKE A CONSISTENT EFFORT

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COVERED PARKING Park your car in the garage while at home and in a covered structure whenever possible while out running errands. While under a structure your car is protected from the elements such as cold heat sunshine wind hail rain snowstorms and branches or debris that may fall from a tree. Each of these elements can have lasting effects on the paint including oxidation or fading. They can also affect the headlights and rubberized trim.

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Regular tune-ups and oil changes are a preventative measure to keep a car in safe running condition. If you let the little issues go unattended they will eventually culminate into large and costly issues. Regular tune-ups also help a car run better and quieter over the long term. Always save receipts from oil changes tune-ups tire rotations and other services for proof of consistent vehicle care. REGULAR TUNE -UPS AND OIL CHANGES

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Engine noise is a sign of significant problems. Knocking clanking or intermittent sounds are obvious indicators of issues but they often go ignored. A smooth running engine is quiet so it is important to carefully listen for any unusual noise and have it looked at immediately. INVESTIGATE ENGINE NOISE

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Car interiors are generally resistant to stains but spills should be cleaned right after they occur. Regular vacuuming keeps soils from grinding into the carpet and affecting the soft and smooth look of the carpet. Avoid smoking because the smell persists even after thorough cleaning and it dulls interior surfaces by turning them yellowish-brown.. CLEAN CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY

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Vinyl surfaces can dull or crack over time. This is made worse if your car is frequently exposed to heat and direct sunshine. Using a product that treats and conditions vinyl several times per year will keep surfaces fresh. CARE FOR VINYL SURFACES

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WASH AND WAX Dirt can build up on a car and act like sandpaper to wear down and weaken the paint. Other environmental soils like sap or bird droppings ruin paint even faster. Washing your car regularly prevents this type of damage. Even more critical than a regular washing is a wax routine several times per year. Wax protects your paint because dirt sap and bird droppings hit the wax rather than your paint. It also protects your car from the elements in case you’re unable to regularly park under a structure.

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KEEP MILEAGE LOW AND DRIVE EASY The lower the mileage on your car the greater the value it can maintain. Whenever possible consolidate trips carpool and set aside a few days each month to not use your car. Every mile adds up over time. All miles you do put on your car should be done with care. Avoid rapid acceleration sudden stops and hard turns. Hard driving means accelerated wear and can permanently impair certain car parts.

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