Going With A Home Remedy Yeast Infection Treatment

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Choosing A Common At Home Yeast Infection Treatment : 

Choosing A Common At Home Yeast Infection Treatment http://yeast-infection-news.com/

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Yeast infections strike millions each year and cause discomfort, itching, and burning along with it. Women are usually the main sufferers when it comes to these infections and although there are many medications available, home remedies are normally the first choice. Yeast thrives in the vagina because of the dark moist environment provided there, which can make it a bit tricky in using a yeast infection treatment.

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Symptoms of a yeast infection normally include burning, itching, and swelling in the vagina and the area around it. A white thick discharge may accompany that. It can also cause pain during urination and sexual intercourse. When any or all of these symptoms occur, it may be a sure sign that a yeast infection is occurring.

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A popular and effective method is using yogurt. A plain, unsugared yogurt is needed for this method, as sugar would feed the yeast. You can eat this but a more effective approach is inserting it into the vagina or rubbing it on the outside. When using it for internal relief, a tampon dipped in plain yogurt can be used. Leave it in for brief periods of time to soothe and fight the infection. Repeating as often as necessary until all the symptoms disappear, this may take a few days.

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Garlic is another choice and is said to be the most effective home remedy. Garlic is a natural enemy to yeast and can provide instant relief when inserted directly into the vagina; Using a peeled clove wrapped in cheesecloth, you want to insert it like a mini tampon but leave a tail so you can remove it easily. Leave it in for a few hours at a time and if the infection is severe, insert one for the day and then another for the night.

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Apple cider vinegar provides many health benefits, and fighting yeast infections is just one of them. When diluted with water, it can soothe and fight the infection. Since it is strong, it should always be diluted first and shouldn't be applied directly to the skin. It can used as a douche or in the bath to relax in. Some add a clove of garlic to the water and vinegar mix and letting it sit for a while before douching with it.

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A remedy that can be used on a tampon or as a vaginal suppository is tea tree oil. The users of this method report immediate soothing results. The oil can be placed on a tampon and then inserted in the vagina, health food stores generally have the vaginal suppository that can be used instead for the same effective results.

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There are a few things you can do while going through a home treatment to help soothe the area, like cold baths or cold water compresses when the itching is bad. Always remember when washing the genitals to use plain water, if soap is used make sure it is nonperfumed and mild and is rinsed thoroughly. Tight fitting clothes can add to the discomfort so keep jeans loose and wear cotton underwear.

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Yeast infections strike all ages and even some men, although women seem to have the worst of it. A natural home yeast infection treatment may be all that is needed in relieving the pain and symptoms. Experimenting with which methods works best for you will allow you to have all the necessary ingredients on hand the next time one strikes

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