Hospital Negligence a stark reality feels Janine Zargar

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Hospital Negligence a stark reality feels Janine Zargar :

Hospital Negligence a stark reality feels Janine Zargar People generally rely on hospitals for good health and well being. According to Janine Zargar its ray of hope while fighting critical illness or trauma due to an accident. However there have been cases where hospitals have not delivered up to the mark and have come under the scanner of the watch dog for negligence and apathy shown towards either patients or their needs for a good treatment that is expected out of a healthcare facility. The Hospital is a team of professionals who are experts in their own fields. To synchronize the services of all these professionals is a good sign of a good hospital. If these professionals fail to work in proper coordination the results may sometimes prove to be fatal for the patient. Thus it is of utmost importance that hospitals take extra care to check the kind of practices they follow once a patient places his life in their hands. There are numerous reasons for a treatment going wrong. According to Moshen Zargar , It may look strange as all the professionals working in a hospital undergo years of rigorous training making a mistake is out of question still one should not forget that all these professionals are human beings who have their own personal problems in personal life which may sometimes come into their professional life and thus mistakes which is termed as negligence later on may occur. Inexperience from a new professional may be another reason for a mistake to occur although care needs to be taken for a young professional to be fully trained before he goes out independently treating or taking care of patients. Mentoring and practicing with an experienced practitioner for some years is a good option for new and inexperienced professionals.

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Malfunction of one of the medical equipments may be another reason for a mistake to occur. Janine Keane from AKZ Management feels that hospital equipment needs to be checked time and again in order to get the best results and the right data about the patient's disease or illness. Carelessness shown by the laboratory staff in terms of mixing the reports of various patients or getting the wrong data from the machines is another major factor which results in major blunders many a times. Thus it becomes of utmost importance for a hospital to keep the records and data about a patient on tips for Doctors and people involved with the care of patients. Surgeries should be performed in a well sterilized environment and the surgeon must be alert and must have his head on his shoulder while performing surgeries. Taking care of all the factors while treating a patient will lead to better healthcare facilities and decrease in the cases of medical negligence. To manage your organization / hospital in the most efficient manner feel free to contact AKZ Management who have got years of experience in this field and will be more than happy to assist you in taking your business to new heights. Article Source:

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