Alternative Medicine and Janine Zargar

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Alternative Medicine and Janine Zargar :

Alternative Medicine and Janine Zargar In the recent times a spurt has been seen in people flocking to alternative medicine therapy centers all across the USA. It has been estimated that one fourth of people with some or the other ailments are turning to alternative therapies like Yoga and acupuncture. There has been a heavy rush of people to the practitioners of acupuncture, chiropractics, Massage therapists, Yoga consultants and other practitioners of alternative medicine and complementary techniques. A new concept that has taken a sudden upward trend is the usage of Ayurveda and Homeopathy (both are ancient modes of treatments). Another trend has been seen wherein the sale of over the counter medications has increased as compared to the sales of the widely used dietary supplements. Thus people are looking more towards healing rather than to add some additional weight to their bodies. Both these trends point to one common scenario wherein people have become conscious towards their health rather than take in numerous dietary supplements and are ready to experiment provided the results have been proven to be beneficial in the past. According to Moshen Zargar and Janine Zargar from AKZ Management the trend of chiropractics, deep-tissue Massage and Yoga (to control the body and mind with breathing exercises and other techniques available) is on the increase and more and more people have taken this route to get rid of the most common occurring chronic pains and disorders. Although the increase in Antidepressants is also on the increase with increase anxiety and pressure from the competitive work place scenario.

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Back pain, neck pain and spinal disorders have been the most common occurring chronic pains among patients all across the county. Apart from taking the regular medicines prescribed by the physicians chiropractics and deep tissue massage have added to the comfort and reduction in the pain of the patients who have been suffering from these pains from a long time. Numerous Alternative Medical practitioners have been able to deliver the best results to their patients over a time period. The slow rise in the progress of number of patients in alternative medicine has been attributed to the slow results that are shown by these techniques. It’s not like a painkiller that you have it and the pain dies in couple of minutes. One needs the patience to wait and look for the positive results to come up over a period of time. If you wanted to know more about Moshen Zargar , Janine Zargar, AKZ management and Doctors United benefits of each than visit - Article Source:

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