Do you Know What Could Cause the Check Engine Light to come on?


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Don’t neglect "check engine light" on your dashboard and Schedule an engine service now at Dependable Car Care as soon as possible and Also, Ask your auto mechanic about what could cause the check engine light to come on


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Choose “Dependable Car Care” For Reliable Engine Repair & Services near Ventura, CA:

Choose “Dependable Car Care” For Reliable Engine Repair & Services near Ventura, CA Visit our Official Website: “Proudly Serving All Residents in Ventura, CA, and Surrounding Area”


Do You Need to Know How This “Check Engine Light” Works In Your Vehicle? Schedule Your Appointment Online at: when the electronic-control system locate a problem it cannot adjust, the computer turns on a yellow warning indicator and stores a car diagnostic trouble code (DTC) in its memory. With the use of a specialized computer, your auto mechanic can identify the source of a potential problem by “reading” the codes that are generated. It may be that it’s only a sensor that is malfunctioning, or a more serious problem, such as low oil pressure or overheating. “We’re Providing Friendly, Honest & Expert Engine Service in Ventura, CA & Other Surrounding Areas”

Are You Wondering What Could Cause the Check Engine Light To Come On?:

Are You Wondering What Could Cause the Check Engine Light To Come On? Let’s Discuss With Our ASE Certified Car Technicians : (805) 659-2957 Have you found yourself driving peacefully driving down the road when all of a unexpected you see the “Check Engine” light enlighten on your dashboard? This little warning light can mean many things, from a loose gas cap to a critically misfiring engine, signifying that your vehicle is facing poor fuel economy and emitting higher than normal levels of toxic pollutants. The vital trouble is to ensure that long-term damage isn’t taking place in the engine. What Should You Do If the “Check Engine” light Starts to Flash? Tighten the gas cap. If it’s loose, fuel vapors leak out and can throw the whole fuel system off, reduce gas mileage and increase toxic emissions. Reduce speed. Lighten your load. Drive to an auto shop for a diagnostic test. Tips to Remember:  Don’t disregard this warning light as it could mean that components of the car engine are being damaged, resulting in a major and costly engine repair and service.


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