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Questions & Answers Students in the 2/3 EAL Class:  wrote questions and answers,  practiced asking and answering the questions,  then recorded their work with a partner using an Easi-Speak Microphone.

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What do you want? I want a kitten. Written by Nurul

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What are you doing? I am swimming. Written by Chan-Hee

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Where did you go last week? I went to Nong Khai last week. Written by Ketsana

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I want a ball. What do you want? Written by Leaf

Slide 6:

What do you want? I want a car. Written by Seungwon

Slide 7:

Where did you sleep last week? I slept in my room. Written by Aiden

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What did you make yesterday? I made a Lego city. Written by Aiden

Slide 9:

Written by Leaf What are you doing? I am walking.

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What did you keep in your pencil case? I kept my pencil in my pencil case. Written by Hanh

Slide 11:

Written by Nizam Why are you happy? I am happy because I can fly!

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Written by Chan-Hee What do you want? I want a dog.

Slide 13:

Who is your friend? My friend is Angela and Phettida. Written by Ketsana

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Written by Ichiro Why are you crying? I am crying because everyone laugh to me.

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What do you want? I want a machine. Written by Adam

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Who did you swim with yesterday? I swam with my friend. Written by Tomy

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What do you need? I need an apple. Written by Tomy

Slide 18:

Are you a tree? No, I am not a tree! Written by Mao

Slide 19:

Where are you? I am at school. Written by Nizam

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What do you want? I want an iPhone 4. Written by Phettida

Slide 21:

Why are you hopping? I am hopping because I am happy! Written by Mao

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