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Dentistry Redefined:

Excellent Dentist in Delhi Dentistry Redefined


The dentist which are doing research and study in the dental subject and other dentist who are post-graduated from recognized medical university in the dentistry have to practice in the hospital for improving the skills, experience and specialize in one of field of dental treatment. The person who have any teeth problem are went to the doctor. The professional doctor meet that person and check the problem manually first, if the problem is inside the jaw structure than they used latest equipments for diagnose the problem like Dental X-rays and after that they decide what type of treatment of implanting of the teeth. Introduction

Dental Implant Treatment:

This treatment is refer to the root device that are fixed into the jaw through surgery and then they are finally prepared to hold the fine customized teeth for good. These can be used either as cosmetic or as prosthetic. Such device are becoming highly sought after in the whole world, now a day for supporting the restoration that resemble a tooth or group of teeth to replace missing teeth. Dental Implant Treatment

Single Tooth Dental Implant:

It can be used in those people who are missing one or more teeth. An implant is surgical that is inserted into the jaw bone and provides a root for the placement of a restoration that looks, feels, and function similar to a natural tooth. Single Tooth Dental Implant

The Multiple Dental Implant:

Multiple teeth implants may be permanently replaced an extracted or lost teeth using Implant technique, which gives you back the appearance and confidence you are entitled to. It implants inside your jawbone that will act support for a bridge, it also include caped teeth on oral tooth implant as well as crown. The Multiple Dental Implant

Bone Grafting:

It is surgical procedure used to build the bone so that dental implant can be placed. Bone Grafting

Sinus Grafting:

It is performed when the space of the sinus is too close to an area where dental implant are to be placed. This procedure is performed to ensure a secure place for the implant while protecting the sinus. Sinus Grafting

Treatment And Procedure:

Treatment And Procedure

Contacts Us:

Contacts Us Address I:  S-359 A,  Panchsheel Park,  Beside Yes Bank ATM & North Point Hospital, New Delhi, India.  Address II:  A-18,  Hauz khas ,  Near main market,  New Delhi, India. Call us:   Landline: 011-41077593, 011-26012925, 011-41021732  Mobile: +91 9999201572

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