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Are you aware of Dental Crowns? If not, read the blog to know about a very important branch of dentistry. A Dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over the tooth, and helps to restore shape, size and strength. Visit us:


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Know all about Dental Crowns Right Here Are you aware of Dental Crowns If not read the blog to know about a very important branch of dentistry. A Dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over the tooth and helps to restore shape size and strength. In fact it makes you look good and works on the appearance. When the crowns are correctly cemented to a place it completely encloses the visible portion of the tooth which accurately lies above the gumline. Why are Dental crowns required Many people need dental crowns in many situations. Let us check them easily. ● When a person suffers from tooth decay and tooth breakage dental crowning is needed to break or hold the broken parts together. ● It is important to perform dental crowns when a broken tooth is supposed to be restored or if a tooth is severely damaged. ● Dental crowns are needed to be executed when a dentist has to cover and support a tooth with very large fillings and when there are not many teeth left. ● To easily cover dental implants patients need dental crowns. ● Finally go for some cosmetic changes or modifications patients need to have dental crowns. Types of Dental Crowns available There are many types of crowns available to be used by patients. They are called Permanent crowns. Stainless steel: These are made up of stainless steel such as metal or gold metal fused with porcelain ceramic or all resin. With stainless steel the dentist uses them on the permanent teeth as a temporary measure. It protects teeth filling and it is preferably used for children. Metal crowns:

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When it comes to metal crowns they have the withstanding capacity against chewing forces and have high endurance. Moreover dental crowns have an option to color matched just like your adjacent teeth. However if wearing is high in the opposing teeth then the crown with porcelain is used. Porcelain crowns: The crown has a porcelain portion that can break. If it is next to all-ceramic crowns porcelain can be infused with metals and can show a very dark line generally the gum line. These crowns are the best choice for the back as well as front teeth and offer strength. All Resin crowns: These are less expensive than the other counterparts. But they wear down over time and are highly prone to fractures and porcelain metal crowns. All-ceramic or all-porcelain: These dental crowns present more real and natural color fuse than any other type and are highly fitting for people who have allergies with metal. As a matter of fact all-ceramics are usable for front and back teeth. There was a debate between temporary and permanent crowns. Well temporary crowns are built in the dentists office whereas the majority of the permanent crowns are built in a dentists laboratory. Typically provisional crowns are composed of an acrylic-based element or stainless steel which is generally used as a temporary repair solution until a permanent crown is created in a laboratory. If you are looking for a dental crown implant then visit the highly reputed Dentist Dubai. They have the most advanced technologies to give you comprehensive dental treatment. Along with dental crowns many centres also work on braces in Dubai and other cosmetic dentistry.

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