Reasons Behind Dry Mouth

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Less saliva or dry mouth has many causes and can invite many unwanted health issues. So if your mouth feels dry or feels less saliva in your mouth then you must consult your nearby dentist in Parramatta to get the solution. They will surely suggest you the best solution which would be beneficial for your health.


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Reasons Behind Dry Mouth


Importance of Saliva - Help you to chew, taste and swallow solid foods - Keeps your mouth moistened and comfortable - Fights germs in your mouth - Stops bad breath


- Has the proteins and minerals needed to protect tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay and gum disease - Helps secure dentures in place Importance of Saliva


Dry mouth and too little saliva Causes - Dehydration - Certain diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, HIV, Aids or Sjogren’s syndrome - Smoking tobacco - Salivary duct obstruction – blockage in one or more of the pipes that drains saliva


- Chemotherapy and radiation therapy - A structural issue with the salivary duct There are some other causes of dry mouth which can not be ignored. Dry mouth and too little saliva Causes


Other drugs that can cause dry mouth and stop saliva flow include – - Anxiety medication - Specific types of blood pressure drugs - Antihistamines - Appetite suppressants - Many antidepressants


- Diuretics or water pills - Some pain medications (analgesics) Other drugs that can cause dry mouth and stop saliva flow include –


What if You have too little saliva? Dentists in Parramatta suggest – - Snack on crunchy veggies - Chew sugar free gums - Drink plenty of fluids, especially water


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