The incredible journey of Canadian entrepreneur Denis Vincent


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Known for his amazing skills, Denis Vincent is an entrepreneur by choice and a passionate pilot by preference. Read on to find more about his journey.


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Being an entrepreneur is never easy, and if you started on a very modest note, the journey is even tougher. We all have heard of people who have made fantastic fortunes out of nothing, but there are only a few individuals who can boast of working out of pure passion. Denis Vincent from Canada is one of them. Denis started off as a regular person looking to find a stable career, but his dreams were more ambitious than getting more than just a paycheck. Based out of Quebec, Canada, he has made the region and his people proud, thanks to an incredible number of achievements in less than 30 years.


Yes, you read that right! He is a licensed pilot since 1996 and has accumulated over 10275 TT to date. This undeniably is his utmost passion to this date. In fact, he has flown coast to coast in Canada and has been in charge of transatlantic flights and one mono motor flight Quebec to Madagascar. His passion for the sector wasn’t just limited to flying. He founded his company Heli Vincent Inc in 1997, which mainly deals in dry leasing and sales of helicopter and airplanes in Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta. As president he is highly implicated in all operations of his company.


Being of ambitious nature, Denis always thrives for new heights. Soon after working in aviation, he shifted to the world of real estate, where his journey has been equally satisfying. In fact, he has been associated with some of the biggest mergers and acquisitions in Canada. On being asked how he feels about steering so many ships, he added that he is always looking for challenges and wants to do more than just make profits. He also works as the Chief Financial Officer for Strong Arm Labour & Contracting, which is another industry that’s very close to his heart.


He has added time and again that he wants to work and create more jobs for people and the youth of Quebec, and for that, the expansion expectations will keep getting higher. Recently he was asked about how he feels about the growth of industries in the region; Denis Vincent added that the scope of increase is enormous. He also assured that his team will be making more announcements regarding his ventures soon!

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