Monsoon Tourism and Sri Lanka

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Visit Sri Lanka and enjoy the monsoon of Sri Lanka by having Sri Lanka visa with you.


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Monsoon Tourism and Sri Lanka Sri Lanka being a favorite tourist destination for the travelers is much visited by tourists from all over the world who like to travel various hot spots of the country during the various seasons. During the summer season many such travelers prefer to visit the hill station and beach destinations of the country during the winter season they prefer to travel some hot type destination. But there are many travelers who prefer to travel to Sri Lanka and its various destinations during the monsoon season. They want to see and appreciate the beauty of Sri Lanka monsoons. Perhaps every tourist knows that the monsoon season is the best time to explore any country and Sri Lanka is one of them. If this monsoon you want to

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visit Sri Lanka then make your Sri Lanka visa. If you already have it then renew it from any visa service provider like ETA Visa Sri Lanka. This site renews your visa at affordable price and offer customized tour packages. By this you can stay in Sri Lanka for long period. Where to visit Sri Lanka in Monsoon As Sri Lanka is a small country its climate is more complicated. Due to this fact the island is affected by two separate monsoons which mean there is all time good weather in whole year. The two separate monsoons are south-west monsoon and inter monsoon. There is also north-east monsoon that hits the south coast area from the November to March. The south-west monsoon blows through the month of May and June but as the name suggested it only affects the south-west quarter of the country such as Galle and Colombo. Sri Lanka experience this two monsoons are more gentle with mainly short and sharp showers that tend to pass quite quickly. The best time to visit Sri Lanka is in inter monsoon which starts from April end to October. In this season some time the weather will be cool like the temperature will fall down up to 20-29 degree centigrade. You will not feel cold more and also not hot the middle one you will feel. This feeling will definitely change your mind peace and soul. In sun the odd shower near beach how exciting you can feel by reading this article. To experience and feel this climate from your hectic life surely you want to visit this place. By having a Sri Lanka ETA visa the traveling will be more enjoyable. With beach wildlife and peaceful culture I guarantee you that you will love this experience in your travelling life.

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