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Fixing zipper on jeans may need a little professionalism to get a clean finish. The easiest way out to fix zipper on jeans is to locate a good jeans repairing specialist like Denim Therapy and hand over your pair of jeans to them. Read more to know a few other ways to fix it yourself


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Denim Therapy How to Fix Zipper on Jeans?

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Run a bar of soap along the zip length - If the zipper does not close properly, try running a bar of soap along the zip line. The bar of soap helps in lubricating the zip. Opening and closing the zip along the complete length, after running the bar of soap, helps in lubricating every teeth of the zipper, hence rectifying the issue.

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To repair a conked out slider – What if your zip is in perfectly working condition but the slider has broken off? Simply, take out the broken slider with any apt household tool and affix the new slider. Simple isn’t it? By the way, if the slider is stuck on the jeans, simply rub a graphite pencil on the teeth of the zipper.

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To repair the zip pull – This is one of the easiest zip repairs that you can do and for this you do not have to go scurrying around, looking for materials. Paper clips are the oft resorted to and the one that offers the most workable solution here. Simply slide on a paper clip into the zipper pull tab, and you have repaired zipper pull ready!

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If the zipper is not aligned properly – This can happen just in case the zipper is pulled too quickly or has a thread or any other cloth material stuck in between the teeth. Trying to pull the zipper too hard may break the pull. You will have to take the help of pliers here to pull the zipper and align it properly.

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The easiest way out to fix zipper on jeans - Locate a good jeans repairing specialist like Denim Therapy and hand over your pair of jeans to them. Such professionals are adept at jeans repairing tasks and help you with the best repairing expertise at the most affordable rates and not to forget; with the least amount of fuss.

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