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Avoiding College Loan Debt:

Avoiding College Loan Debt By: Team Wildcats

Is loan debt a problem?:

Is loan debt a problem? Since 1978 student loan debt has increased over 900 percent Student loan debt has surpassed credit card debt 2/3 of graduating students have student loans Average college student accumulates approximately $25,000 in loan debt by graduation day

Why is loan debt dangerous?:

Why is loan debt dangerous? One-third of graduates will land jobs that do not require a degree Job outlook for many careers is down due to economy In 2010 9.8% of Americans 25 and under were unemployed

How can it be fixed?:

How can it be fixed? Scholarships Part-time jobs Early savings Attend in-state schools Educate students on loans


Scholarships/Grants 74% of students applied FAFSA Allows students to receive money from university Merit based Research

Be a penny pincher!:

Be a penny pincher! Start early Part-time job Save, save, save! Invest

State Pride:

State Pride Cost of Attendance at Purdue University in 2010-2011 Resident: $21,820 Non-Resident: $39,492

Read and Comprehend:

Read and Comprehend Understand interest rates Don’t let loans go into default Don’t over borrow Know Terms & Conditions of loan

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