How to Track Lost Xiaomi Phones

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How to Track Lost Xiaomi Phones:

How to Track Lost Xiaomi Phones

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How to Track Lost Xiaomi Phones - It is undeniable that the Xiaomi brand in the last few years has succeeded in kicking off the homeland mobile market. The Chinese mobile phone successfully won the hearts of the Indonesian people with the price offered. Of course about the specifications, Xiaomi also doesn't want to play games. For the same specifications when compared to Samsung classmates, Xiaomi dare to offer half the price. This is what makes Indonesian people always waiting for the latest products from Xiaomi.

How to track a lost xiaomi cell in a dead state   :

How to track a lost xiaomi cell in a dead state   Turn on the "Find Device" Feature in MI Cloud Settings on Android You must activate the "find device" feature on your Xiaomi cellphone. This setting can be found in the MI Cloud settings menu. Actually this step is an anticipatory step before your Xiaomi cellphone actually loses. So than you regret later on because this setting is not activated, then obviously it's too late. To activate this feature please follow the steps below.

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1. In the settings menu select 'Mi Cloud'.

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2. After entering the 'Mi Cloud' then activate 'Search for Devices'.

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Find Xiaomi Devices Make sure if your cellphone has an internet data connection or Wi-Fi. If the phone is offline or not connected, the "find device" feature cannot be used. You cannot order your cellphone remotely before your cellphone is connected. But once the cellphone gets internet access and is detected by MI Cloud, then you can run remote commands such as checking the location of the cellphone, ringing the cellphone alarm, or locking and deleting all data on the cellphone.

The steps to try it are as follows: :

The steps to try it are as follows: Please visit the website and log in using your MI Cloud account via another computer or cellphone.

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Please select "Search for devices" in the main menu .

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Then an approximate map will appear where your cellphone is located. This location is what you will be looking for / the last position of your cellphone .

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You can also see the history of the presence of your previous device in the menu options in the top right corner .

How to Track Lost Xiaomi Phones Features in Find Device   :

How to Track Lost Xiaomi Phones Features in Find Device   The way to track xiaomi cell that is lost in the next state of death is to sound an alarm on the cellphone. You can use this feature by selecting the speaker icon with many sound waves in the "find device" menu. By selecting this menu, your cellphone will ring loudly and tell you the location. The ringing volume that comes out will automatically be at the maximum level so that you can reach it more easily .

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