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Bullying Andrew De Viso Hetland per. 6 6-2-11:

Bullying Andrew De Viso Hetland per. 6 6-2-11 .


Thesis Bullying is a horrible thing in life, it is one of the leading causes in suicide attempts for students, and about 160,000 students skip school everyday due to bullies.

Bullying is harmful:

Bullying is harmful Bullies think they are strong and use their strength to harm people. Bullies usually pick on people smaller than them, and the victims are usually being bullied by others as well. Many p eople have committed suicide after being bullied. Bullying used to occur on the streets but now it happens on the internet.

School Bullying:

School Bullying an estimated that 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of bullies 71% of students report bullying as a problem at their school Bullying is most likely to happen in school from 4-12 grade

Cyber bullying:

Cyber bullying Bullying over the internet or other types of media is called cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is the most common type of bullying. Cyber bullying usually escalates to physical bullying


Bullies People who bully use their power to cause harm to others. Bullies cause major stress to their victims usually resulting in suicide thoughts. Bullies are mean and are confident and usually stronger then others

Bullies Victims:

Bullies Victims Victims are usually bullied in many ways. Victims who are bullied at school have a 76% average of not attending school. Many child victims think that suicide is the best way to go.

Reasons to Bully:

Reasons to Bully Bullies usually come from broken homes and feel that bullying makes them even to what happened to them. Bullies are very confident and strong Children turn into bullies due to lack of discipline from their parents

How to prevent children from becoming bullies:

How to prevent children from becoming bullies Be sure your child stays in a safe environment. Parents must discipline their children for bullying others at a young age. If a childs friend is a bully that child may be sucked in to the bullying mentality

What do bullies do?:

What do bullies do? Bullies start with small things like, name calling, isolating targets, and humiliating victims. Bullies next step is usually cyber bullying or hitting, and extortion. When bullies finish all these types of bullying they usually move up and start stabbing, burning, and even shooting.

Bullying can turn deadly:

Bullying can turn deadly Bullying causes incredible amounts of stress to their victims, and they usually result in killing themselves. Sometimes bullies scare their victims so much that they try to snitch on the bully, which makes the bully kill the victim. Bullies sometimes take their tactics too far and end up killing their victims.

How to not get bullied:

How to not get bullied Victims should stand up for themselves. Victims should control their feelings. Victims best way of not getting bullied is to avoid bullies

The Facts:

The Facts Bullies intentionally harm people, people must realize that it is important to prevent this from happening to other people. Bullying causes 160,000 students to skip school. Bullying is dangerous and should be taken seriously, if not there are horrible things to happen to the victims

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