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Deluxe Vacations provides special packages to Sweden's luxury and affordable places where you can enjoy your memorable moments whether its honeymoon, summer holiday or business trips. We will organize your journey from start to end. For more information please call - 08-748 00 15 or visit our website - NOW!


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Your Dream Trip To The Caribbean Begins Here And Now! Looking for a nice, warm and eventful holiday, we at Deluxe Vacations recommend a trip to the Caribbean.  Rest assured that we know what we are talking about. We have personally visited destinations were many times and fascinated every time by how much one can experience and discover in this paradise. Let us guide you to the right path through the Caribbean island world, each island having its own charm. 


Ni kan resa till Aruba varje dag med KLM via Amsterdam eller med American Airlines via London & Miami. (Resa till Aruba) Travel to Aruba The Dutch island of Aruba is located only 24 km from Venezuela, usually ranked as one of the Caribbean's most popular holiday destinations and attracts a million visitors each year. When you come to Aruba, you feel immediately welcome. Daytime temperatures are around 28 ° C all year round. The cool winds making it feel comfortable, they rarely bring any rain.


Travel to the Bahamas (till Bahamas) Bahamas consists of more than 700 islands. Hit the boaters, anglers, divers, nature lovers and adventurers, eco-tourists and ordinary holidaymakers to enjoy life. Every year, the islands received more than three million visitors. Here you will find American culture combined with a strong British flavor. Ni kan resa till Bahamas varje dag med British Airways eller American Airlines via London. Flyget avgår från Stockholm, Göteborg, eller Köpenhamn tidigt på morgonen och ni landar på Bahamas samma dag.


Travel to Curacao( Resa till Curacao ) Curacao's sun-drenched island on the 12th parallel, 70 km north of Venezuela, has long been a well kept secret for Scandinavian travelers. But not for long! More and more northerners get here and KLM's direct flights from Amsterdam takes you to this Caribbean paradise in less than ten hours.


Travel to Dominican Republic ( Resa till Dominikanska ) Dominican Republic is located on the island of Hispaniola, which it shares with Haiti.  This island has been inhabited since around 4000 BC Along the northern coast rolls Atlantic salty waves in while the southern and eastern coast lies on the Caribbean Sea. This Spanish-speaking island was discovered by Christoper Columbus. In this beautiful country you will find beautiful scenery, turquoise blue water and beautiful sandy beaches, totaling a distance of 150 mil beaches! It also has mountains covered with tropical vegetation. One can experience the caves of ancient times, mangroves, tropical rainforests mmLängs shores you will find refreshing palm trees swaying in the wind.


About Deluxe Vacations Deluxe Vacations AB is a fully Internet-based business that sells travel on scheduled flights to the Caribbean / Caribbean since 1998. The office is in Saltsjöbaden and we have long experience in the tourism industry in the Caribbean / Caribbean. We offer many exciting destinations to exotic islands such as Antigua, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Bonaire, Cancun, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Jamaica, Cuba, St. Lucia, St. Martin & Tobago. On all our destinations, we can recommend good hotels of different categories. From affordable option in the mid to selected luxury. You always fly regularly, providing greater choice and usually convenient departure times.


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