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How does a Bulk Mailer send the Emails?

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A MailList Controller requires an email account, which supports SMTP. It will also work with your MS Exchange server and supports the "Pickup Folder Mode" for direct mailing (without using SMTP) if you run your own mail server. It sends your messages in exactly the same way as a regular mail program.

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The bulk mailer software sends one separate message to each contact (subscriber) in regular To: mode, it does not use bulk carbon copies. This ensures, that the privacy of your recipients is not at risk and allows to send personalized email newsletters. In other words: if you list has e.g. 300 subscribers, then it will send 300 separate email messages and each message contains only the email address of the current contact.

No Spam with Bulk Mailer:

No Spam with Bulk Mailer Today all major companies are using Bulk Marketing Services to send information to their subscribers. No flooding of contacts with too many messages and no sending of messages to peoples who don't want to receive messages from you. Its also required, that you enable the recipients to exclude themselves from future mailings, if they are no longer interested in your service.

Dedicated Server for Bulk Mailing:

Dedicated Server for Bulk Mailing With dedicated server you'll get faster sending and greater delivery rates. For frequent or large mailings, Business Email Marketing is very important for the business .

Cost-Effective Bulk Mailing:

Cost-Effective Bulk Mailing Using Good Bulk Email instead of manually composing and sending promotional material through a mailing house can be quite cost saving. However, this depends on the size of the company and its needs for mailing services. If, lets say, you are preparing a promotional event that needs hundreds or more leaflets delivered to a targeted audience at once, using bulk mail can save you lots of money.

Limitations of Bulk Mailing:

Limitations of Bulk Mailing As with any communication an bulk email will only be of any use as a marketing strategy if it is opened and read. Many internet users now use security features to protect their information and many spam filters will automatically block unsolicited email messages. This message will never reach the users inbox and no sales or interest will be forthcoming as a result.

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