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Tourette Syndrome:

Tourette Syndrome Rochelle de Leon BUSN 150

What is Tourette Syndrome?:

What is Tourette Syndrome? More commonly known as Tourette’s An inherited neuropsychiatric disorder characterized by physical and vocal tics Affect children ages 5 to 18

What are tics?:

What are tics? Movements or sounds that occur in the middle of regular motor activity Simple tics and Complex tics

Types of Tics:

Types of Tics Simple tics: eye blinking, facial grimacing, etc. Complex tics: facial grimace, shoulder twist, and head shrug Coprolalia : spontaneous utterance of obscene words or phrases Echolalia: repeating the words of others Palilalia : repeating one’s own words

Suppressing Tics:

Suppressing Tics Causes build-up in tension Begin to feel the need to express tics against own will Takes a great deal of concentration

What Causes Tourette’s?:

What Causes Tourette’s? Majority cases are inherited Exact mode/gene not identified 50% chance of passing on

Medication for Tourette’s:

Medication for Tourette’s Majority of people with Tourette’s require little to no medication for tic suppression Neuroleptics: drugs most often used to treat psychotic and non-psychotic disorders

Tourette’s Syndrome:

Tourette’s Syndrome

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