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Perfect little me! : 

Perfect little me! Delanie Chilton BCIS-6 January 20,2010

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Big Bro My Baby Chloe LiL Bros Kadence Fionia Mommy Mi Familia Daddy Sister

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I wanted to draw something for yall that I really love. And something that just comes to the heart And this is what I came up with… MY ORIGINAL ART

The BFFs : 

The BFFs

Likes : 

Likes Jesus! Pizza Boys;) hehe Hanging Out with friends. The Beach Boogie boarding!! COOKIES! My Job Dogs AND… The Color BLUE COLORFUL THINGS Knee High Socks Baking

Dislikes : 

Dislikes Pretty much all healthy foods :P Running! Chewed gum! Rude people! Mornings. Drama Basketball Tyler Coufal!!! JK Clowns People being mad at me Wearing shoes

What I Do… : 

What I Do… Volleyball #5 Middle Blocker Softball Right Field 3rd Base Shortstop #5

What I Do… : 

High Jump! Run 4X400 Meter Relay Run 4x800 Meter Relay Run 4x1600 Relay Run 400 Meters Run 100 Meters Run 200Meters What I Do…

Interests : 

Interests BETA CLUB Boogie Boarding Riding Four Wheelers WORK

Whats Ahead : 

Whats Ahead I am currently tied with the record in high jump in Troy high school and plan to beat it ( record is 5’2” ) Graduate High school with honors Go to college of my choice to become a physical therapist Marry a Rich guy (hehe jk) Live Happily ever After

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JUNIORS!!! 2011 2011 2011

Thank You : 

Thank You Hope you had a blast watching:) PEACE -Delanie My Brother Grant in Mexico

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