Welcome to Sixth Grade

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Welcome to Sixth Grade:

Welcome to Sixth Grade We’re glad you’re here!

Family Folders:

Family Folders Family Folders will come home each Wednesday. Please look for this, as important communication comes home each week for you that is not available on the website. The school newsletter, lunch menu, and other information are now available online at the Xavier website. Please check these weekly.


Agendas Agenda spaces must be filled in each day with a brief description of class activities. Parents may verify daily assignments online on our Haiku pages.

Homework Policy:

Homework Policy Homework policy - We encourage students to do their best on all assignments and tests. If your student is working beyond the recommended 1.5 hours on homework nightly, this is a problem we need to be aware of. The 6th grade teachers meet regularly to discuss homework assignments and try to gauge them so students are not overloaded. Contact your student’s advisor if your student is significantly struggling with homework on a nightly basis. Please keep extra-curricular activities at a reasonable pace.


Vacations Anticipated Absence— If you know your student is going to be absent in advance, please fill out an anticipated absence form, and give it your advisor. Teachers will try to give homework in advance, but this is not always possible.


Uniforms Uniforms —see the Xavier website for information.


Homework Students should use cursive writing on final copy, report-type work (or type). Handwritten papers need to be on loose-leaf and in medium blue or black ink .

Homework Heading:

Homework Heading Headings-- Students are asked to use the following heading on their papers: First Name Last Name Date Subject/Period Assignment


Technology Technology competencies are fused into our curricula. There is no separate computer class—we apply these skills with activities or projects in our areas of study.


Powerschool Powerschool -- You may access your student’s grades on Powerschool . We suggest you check Powerschool weekly to be aware of how your student is doing. Mrs. Meyer can assist you with a password for your child’s grades. Teachers will record grades as they are able. Please keep in mind we have many students and it takes time to correct and enter scores. If you have a question, do not hesitate to call or email.

Contact Information:

Contact Information You may access our email on the Xavier website. Please contact us with any concerns or questions.

Other Items:

Other Items Many of our textbooks may also be accessed online. There is a page on the Sixth Grade Information page (Mr. Stary’s Haiku) that explains textbook access.

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