Everything You Need To Know While Buying Your New Mattress

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Buying a mattress is always a tricky process. There are several mattress manufacturers available. This #MattressBuyingGuide will help you in getting the best mattress for your sleep.


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Which Is The Best Memory Foam Mattress In India:

Which Is The Best Memory Foam Mattress In India


You spend almost a quarter of your life sleeping. So you need to have the ‘right’ mattress to lay your weary head and body on. However, buying a mattress is tricky.


There are several mattress manufacturers with different types of mattresses available in the market and you don’t know which one to choose and which one to ditch. Try giving a shot to mattress buying  guide..


A mattress is generally bought with a push from a salesman. We agree to what he says and what he recommends. These salesmen become the so called mattress buying guide,  an improvised guide that helps you make the right purchase.


Because we don’t know much about mattresses and more surprisingly we have no clue about what we need in a mattress. what they say becomes gospel! So a layperson won’t be taken for a ride, or worse, ends up making the wrong choice in mattress. we have come up with a mattress buying guide that you NEED to look at.


Let us take you to the mattress world, and be a mattress buying guide for you.


If your budget is decent, you can buy any of the following options: Types of mattresses Bonnel Spring


Following is a table that tells you how the different types of mattresses are arranged, in ascending order of mattress to purchase:


Coir Mattress Bonded Foam Mattress Ordinary Foam Bonnel Spring Mattress Pocket Spring Mattress Latex Mattress Memory Foam Mattress Comfort Poor Poor Average Average Good Average Good Back Support Poor Poor Average Poor Average Good Good Breathability Average Poor Poor Average Average Good   Average Life/Durability Poor Poor Good Good Good Average Good Cost/Economic Best Good Good Poor Poor Poor Good Overall Poor Poor Average Average Good Very Good Very Good


In simple words, if you have to purchase a mattress, look for what it is that you want your mattress to serve you with. If it is for… Purpose is Key


Comfort and back support, while being economic, opt for a Memory Foam Mattress. Okayish Comfort and back support, while being expensive, choose a Natural Latex Mattress.


Looking fancy and okay in comfort and back support, select a Pocket Spring Mattress . Economical and poor in comfort, go for a Regular Foam or a  Bonnel Spring Mattress . Total economic budget, then go for a Coir Mattress.


We personally believe that a mattress has to serve its purpose for a good 7-8 years, and sleep is one of the essential things we should not scrimp on.


Hence, the mattress buying guide recommends the Memory Foam Mattress .  They are superb in comfort and back support. You will love sleeping on them even more.


We also need to make sure on the mattress manufacturer. Some brands make all types of mattress and confuse customers with the plethora of choices.


Their are some mattress manufacturers who specialises is specific one types. It would be better to choose the type of mattress first as per mattress buying guide and finalise on the brand based on the specialisation.

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