Top 10 types of Website Build on Wordpress

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Top 10 types of Website Build on Wordpress Deepthink Technologies Haldia

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Table of Content 1. Introduction on Wordpress 2. Classification of websites 3. Types of websites created on WordPress 4. Company or Organisation Websites 5. E-commerce or Online shopping websites 6. Blogs 7. Celebrity Websites 8. University Websites 9. Employment Websites 10. Online Teaching or tutorial Websites 11. School or College Website 12. Studio or Portfolio Websites 13. Single Page Website

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Introduction to WordPress WordPress is a huge free and an open source platform used for creating websites blogs webpages first it was made to develop static or content management websites like blogs but now it is highly used for developing both dynamic and static websites. It provides themes and plugins to create suitable websites or blog.

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Classification of Websites All websites are of two types – 1. Static 2. Dynamic A website with a fixed content and no database is called static website were as a dynamic website is one which work on both client and server side scripting languages to create dynamic page designs and it stores and retrieve data from the database for example- E-commerce websites.

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Top 10 types of Websites can be created on WordPress

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1.Company or Organisation Websites Digital Marketing is also one of the biggest source of advertisement today and every business has stepped into it it starts with making their organisation website or company website. WordPress provide great themes and other client engaging features Plugins to create a classic standard website. Example:

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2.E-commerce or Online shopping websites People started to prefer shopping online for brands and quality products e-commerce website is a data management and money transaction site and it can be created in WordPress. Deepthink Technologies helped various businesses to get e-commerce website our few WordPress built e-commerce site are:

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3.Blogs Blog Reading is one of the common interests of people and it is of many types like fashion travelling food Tech News and so many. Wordpress was first build to develop blogs and CMS Content Management Sites. Few examples of blogs build in WordPress are:

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4.Celebrity or Personal Websites To connect with fans or audience many celebs build their personal websites which tells their upcoming shows or events or books awards their brands and many more. Few example of Celeb website build on WordPress are and there are many more. With the help of Wordpress plugins one can easily make an audience engaging celeb website.

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5.University Websites It is an informational site with lots of details and database and many notifications to know more how a WordPress developed University look like click on the link

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6.Employment Websites This is one of the great examples of dynamic websites and it is highly in demand because every people nowadays are looking for better opportunities. Such kind of websites needs higher database management we have created one such website:

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7.Online Teaching or tutorial Websites Students and professionals are learning more and more to be on top at any competition and also to build relevant skills by learning from top experts or tutors. Basically an online learning platform provides lectures and study material of high institutes or professionals which saves time and money of registered user. Our organisation Deepthink Technologies have been a part of creating such website like and it is developed using WordPress.

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8.School or College Website Deepthink Technologies helped various schools and College websites to build a standard website in WordPress example etc.

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9.Studio or Portfolio Websites A studio website is basically kind of portfolio website with lots of images and their presentation is more important without compromising in loading time plugins in WordPress can easily make such powerful website. Our company have build lots of studio sites as per clients requirement also. Example - etc.

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10.Single Page Website A single webpage design is one of the different types of website designs and generally developed by Persons who are poet developer designer or any specific skill developed people like resume. This websites can be easily made through plugins of WordPress.

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