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NSPF Group:

NSPF Group No Single Point Failure

Data Center Locations:

Data Center Locations Major Data Centers United States United Kingdom France Germany Netherlands Czech Republic India 8000 locations in 125 countries

Data Center Specifications:

Data Center Specifications Our world class datacenters have the following capabilities: Zone 2 seismic code construction Raised floor with forced cooling High bandwidth via multiple Fiber lines 24 x 7 manned security and closed-circuit video recording High level of system security not only because of firewalls, anti-virus and anti spam, but also at system design level because of server allocation and database design Full environment monitoring and alerts Equipment receiving and storage facility Redundant power supplies, UPSs and generators Automatic transfer switches to ensure smooth transition to back-up power High speed Cisco powered network Diverse fiber points-of-entry Tier 1 High bandwidth via multiple lines Any2 Exchange Emergency contact procedures Onsite situation-management facility SAS 70 Availability

Network Overview:

Network Overview One of our primary Internet network providers, Hurricane Electric Internet is a major worldwide Tier 1 International Internet Backbone Provider. This Internet Backbone is an international, fully redundant OC192 (10,000Mbps) Internet Backbone. This Internet Network is all fiber optic and utilizes intelligent routing to make sure that our customer’s traffic goes the most direct and fastest route to its destination. In addition to this international Internet backbone, we also directly connect to over five-hundred and (500) major national and international server colocation Internet networks. We directly connect to AT&T, Level(3), Akamai, XO, Verio , Abovenet , Swisscom, Japan Telecom, Earthlink , Broadwing , MSN, etc. and most any major network that you can think of within the industry. We directly connect to and exchange traffic with most all major networks in order to increase the speed of data transfer by sending data directly to its destination. This gives Advanced Server Colocation customers maximum speed and reliability.

Network Details:

Network Details Some of our server network features are as follows: • Switched High Performance 100 or 1000Megabit Internet Ports • Additional Bandwidth Available As Required • Simple Migration Path to Multiple 1000Megabit or OC48 (2,400Mbps) Internet Port • 24/7 Customer Support Center – Monitors Network Connections and provides Support • Battery Backup and Emergency Generator • Premium Security Systems – Card Access and Digital Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) • Tier 1 Internet Backbone with Direct Connect to Over Five-Hundred (500) Major National and International Networks including AT&T, XO, Akamai, MSN, Level(3), etc. • Fully Redundant Multiple Self-Healing Fiber 10,000Mbps & OC192 Tier 1 Internet Backbone • Full Physical Access 24 Hour / 365 Days per year • Individually Locked Cabinets are Always Standard (Cages and Racks are also available) • Both From Front and Back Access Cabinets Provide Easy Server Access • State Of The Art Climate Controlled System Environment • Keep Track of Bandwidth Usage with MRTG Stats Page



Managed Services:

Managed Services NSPF offers a wide range of managed professional services catered to organizations of all sizes and scopes. We bring greater than 15 years of experience in the fields of data center design and business continuity planning for the financial and telecom industries. Through the delivery of a full spectrum of services, we have the right expertise to direct our clients in the implementation of industry “best practices.” Our service offerings include, but are not limited to the following: IT Security Enterprise Assessment Server Architecture and Implementation Business and Technology Profile Email Compliance Assessment Information Availability Assessment Technical Security Assessment Technology Migration Business Impact Analysis HIPAA and SOX Compliance Assessment

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99.999% Availability Two nines: 5,256 minutes or 3 days, 15 hours, 36 minutes Three nines: 525 minutes or 8 hours, 46 minutes Four nines: 52 minutes or 0.8 hours Five nines: 5.3 minutes or 0.09 hours Continuous systems integration and improvement We do not simply take your systems and maintain them. We work with you to redesign your system to reduce your total cost of ownership. We also apply the best practices and insights that we have and continue to gain and apply those best practices to improve your systems resulting in further reducing your total cost of ownership. 2. Proactive monitoring and preemptive maintenance - Best operations Several hosting companies provide monitoring services and support. They inform you if a problem occurs and then your IT team has to act on that information. We are different! We proactively monitor your systems and if we notice any issue, we actually fix it so that your systems will continue to run smoothly. We also believe in preemptive maintenance. E.g. We do not wait till the disk fails when we have an opportunity to fix it at the first sign of trouble In summary we are a combination of system integrator, hosting provider and systems operator. As such, we are involved in the design phase, build phase and operations phase of the datacenter for your mission critical applications. Since we are the ones responsible for operations, we make sure that the design and build are done properly unlike a systems integrator who will design a system, but will not be present if a problem occurs in the other two phases. You get the picture.


Support Speed Up the Performance and Responsiveness of Your IT Infrastructure Can your business afford IT outages? Downtime can be costly and demoralizing for your business, especially with geographically distributed employees, customers, and partners who expect IT systems to be running 24x7. While every organization needs near-zero downtime for their applications and devices, not everyone can afford their own dedicated IT environment, given the cost, complexity, and resource constraints. NSPF can simplify the monitoring and management process with our specialized Remote Monitoring & Management Services that provide 24x7 support for a wide spectrum of IT applications and infrastructure - wherever they are located. We keep constant watch over your IT environment, ensuring optimal performance and quick restoration of your critical technology resources, including network, devices, servers, storage, and applications- all in real time and at a minimal cost.

Remote Monitoring & Management :

Remote Monitoring & Management Recognizing that each customer has different management needs, NSPF offers three levels of Remote Monitoring & Management Capabilities: Silver, Gold and Platinum with individual offerings. Benefits: Increased IT resource availability Real-time visibility into your IT environment High-availability service level guarantees Reduced cost of application maintenance and IT operations Faster response to IT failure Effective deployment of resources Features: 24x7 monitoring and support by technical experts at the application and infrastructure layer Automated process workflows Near real-time performance statistics, configuration data, and escalation policies Ability to monitor, filter, and view events and incident histories for devices Integration of Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices

Private VMware Clouds:

Private VMware Clouds Solutions Secure, Flexible, and Scalable Environment - The Platform is designed to run your applications, with the capability to scale infrastructure resources to support seasonal or permanent user demand increases, while guaranteeing performance and availability. Robust IT infrastructure is fully aligned with your applications and business processes. Fully Managed You can choose a fully managed option, where you can transfer the management and support of your cloud environment to NSPF‘s team of managed infrastructure experts. Our team will deliver 24 x 7 hosting services including server management and various compliance measures such as SAS70. You can enjoy the benefits of the cloud while enjoying the same level of support as offered in dedicated environment. Customizable and Engineered to Business Needs Cloud can be customized to run a mix of workloads and data intensive applications, including Web 2.0 applications, transaction processing systems, scientific applications, analytics software, and test environments. And, it can easily integrate with your suite of dedicated systems to create a hybrid environment. You are always in control of the applications running through a self-service web-based Management Console. Experience and Expertise With NSPF, you leverage years of experience in virtualization, enterprise hosting, applications management and SaaS enablement to get an enterprise-class, reliable, and agile IT environment, supported by guaranteed service levels and managed by a team of experts.

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