Employee morale

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Employee morale:

Employee morale Presented to : Mr. Pankaj Khajuria Presented by: Veerta Sambyal

Employee morale:

Employee morale It generally refers to esprit de corps, a feeling of enthusiasm, zeal, confidence in individuals or groups that they will be able to cope with tasks assigned them.

Measurement or evaluation of morale:

Measurement or evaluation of morale Observation Attitude or moral survey the interview method The questionnaire method Company records and reports Counselling

Interview method:

Interview method Employees are interviewed so that a judgement may be arrived at about their feeling and opinion about their jobs and company. It may be oral or written or face to face.

The questionnaire method:

The questionnaire method It is used to collect employees opinion about the factors which affect morale and their effects on personal objectives. What employee think? What kind of education, training and information they need?

Company records and reports:

Company records and reports Labour turnover The man hours and men days lost by employees The kind of grievances communicated to supervisors The quantity of rejected of spoil goods and complaints from customers

Counselling :

Counselling giving advice to employee on the cause of its dissatisfaction Encourage to basic problems Reoreinting his basic goals and values Giving information about company

Warning signs of low morale:

Warning signs of low morale High rate of abseentism High labour turnover Strikes and sabotage Wastage and spoilage Lack of pride in work

Improving morale:

Improving morale

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