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SEO hosting provides websites with a unique C-Class IP address for prominent search engine positions. Colocation America offers a SEO hosting plan that will improve your web presence and give you an advantage over the competition. Hosting with a dedicated IP address will enable your website to be more noticeable among all the other web pages in the virtual world.


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Seo Hosting:

Seo Hosting Improve your search engine ranking position

What is SEO hosting?:

What is SEO hosting? Special type of web hosting services Strongly recommended by SEO professionals Uses dedicated IP address to host websites Employs IP with unique C-Class blocks

Dedicated vs. Shared:

Used by one domain Gives full control over website IP address is dedicated to your website Used by multiple domains Limited control over website IP address is shared among different websites Dedicated vs. Shared Dedicated IP Address Shared IP Address

Which is better?:

Which is better? A dedicated IP address gives your website its own unique IP address and gives you full control over your web presence The IP address is only used for your website(s) Most top ranked websites uses a dedicated IP address Gives you an SEO advantage over competitors with shared IP

IP address: The basics:

IP address: The basics IP stands for I nternet Protocol Like your house address, IP address conveys where your website is located in the virtual world Every web server has an IP address

The Classes:

The Classes IP addresses are divided into 4 different classes; A,B,C, and D Each period between the numbers separate the different classes

C-Class IP for SEO:

C-Class IP for SEO A website with a shared IP address has the same A,B, and C class IP with only the D class being different SEO hosting gives you your own unique C-Class block so that your website is independent from all the others Like being the only house on the block, a C-Class IP address gives your website a bigger web presence


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