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The benefits of peering Peering

What is peering:

What is peering Peering is when one internet network connects to another Gives a direct route for fast exchange of information Neither party pays for the exchanged in traffic

What does peering offer:

What does peering offer Improve network performance Reduce the amount of bandwidth used Improve connectivity

Peering for data centers:

Peering for data centers Data centers can benefit from peering with other networks Establishing a direct connection improves connectivity Peered connection has lower latency and more bandwidth utilization

Business to Business Peering:

Business to Business Peering Businesses can benefit from peering through Meet-Me-Rooms A direct connection to partner networks helps the exchange in information Peering can help reduce the bandwidth load between two networks

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Contact us For more information about peering or colocation services contact us at: 1.800.296.8915

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