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Before she retired from her role as a teacher in 2014, Debra Purcell-Regis worked closely with students to help them to achieve their full potentials.


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Debra Purcell-Regis Youth Athletics Debra Purcell-Regis retired from teaching in 2014 and has placed a lot of her focus into developing strategies for fantasy sports in her later years. However, she is still very concerned about youth development and wishes to do everything that he can to give young people the opportunities that they need in order to develop. She currently lives in upstate New York and is involved in the creation of youth athletics groups in the local community.


Debra Purcell-Regis Tips For Disciplining Children In The Classroom Debra Purcell-Regis experienced so much success as a teacher because she understood the needs of the children in her care and worked hard to help them to develop in whatever way that she could. On occasion, this called for discipline to be meted out in order to demonstrate that a child’s actions were wrong. Upon taking over a new class, one of the first things that you should do is establish boundaries that you expect the children to stay within. Disciplinary actions will have little effect on children if they don’t understand what they have done wrong or why their actions merit punishment.


Debra Purcell-Regis Volunteer Work Since her retirement from teaching in 2014, Debra Purcell-Regis spends as much of her spare time volunteering in the local community as she can. In addition to working hard to establish a number of youth athletics leagues in her community, which offer youngsters the chance to develop physical skills in addition to the mental attributes they need for success, she also works part-time as a volunteer coordinator for a local community center in her retirement.


Debra Purcell-Regis Tips For A Happy Retirement Debra Purcell-Regis retired from her teaching career in 2014, but she has remained active in the local community through volunteer work in the years that have followed. Many people, especially those who have dedicated much of themselves to their work, Volunteer work offers you the chance to keep doing something that you are passionate about, without having to deal with many of the pressures that come along with sustaining a normal career. Your family can be a great source of happiness in your retirement years, so try to enjoy all of the time that you spend with those who you are closest to. Boredom is an issue that many new retirees face, so it is a good idea to find a hobby that will help you to deal with spare time, particularly when you are alone.


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