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Interpersonal Communication Project:

Interpersonal Communication Project Debra Akaveani HSER508 Studies in Interpersonal Communication Liberty University October 13, 2011


Introduction Interpersonal communication is a skill that we take for granted. While we may think that we understand how to communicate with the people in our lives, we often fail at our communications because of common mistakes. These mistakes include not listening to the other person, not hearing what they are actually saying and not decoding their messages correctly.

Overarching Goal (OAG):

Overarching Goal (OAG) In order to develop a plan of action to enhance my interpersonal communication abilities, I first needed to define an overarching goal for this project. My overarching goal, is to improve upon my current interpersonal communication skill set.

Background & Behavior Blend negative Influences:

Background & Behavior Blend negative Influences My Behavior Blend = I/C Demanding Overbearing By the book Avoid risk taking Can lack compassion Problems Stunted communications One-sided communications Competitive communications

Background & Behavior Blend negative Influences (Cont.):

Background & Behavior Blend negative Influences (Cont.) Solutions Be aware of how I am acting Be aware of how the other person is acting Try to keep the communication process balanced

Barriers – Hurtful Messages:

Barriers – Hurtful Messages Communicating a hurtful message Avoidance Sugar-coating Masking Hearing a hurtful message Stop listening (Meyer, 2004) Lash out The Blame Game Overcoming the Barrier Take in the information Take time to understand the information Find a positive way to deal with the problem Be empathetic not pathetic


Barriers Superficial Communication Listen but don’t hear Proverbs 18:13 “If one gives an answer before he hears, it is his folly and shame.” Don’t process metacommunications Body language Context React instead of respond Overcoming the Barrier Engage in the communication fully Be aware of body language Be aware of how and why a person is communicating

Noise Pollution - Internal:

Noise Pollution - Internal Noise pollution is: “Environmental noise that is annoying, distracting, or physically harmful” (The FreeDictionary.com, 2011). Internal Noise Pollution Negative self-talk Too much internal dialogue Response Be aware of self-talk Meditate Moderate

Noise Pollution - External:

Noise Pollution - External Home Family and friends Pets Mechanical Office Gossip Mechanical Environmental Street noise Response Declutter Isolate Tune in

Plan of Action – Step 1:

Plan of Action – Step 1 Encourage interpersonal communication Be a good listener Be a good communicator

Plan of Action – Step 2:

Plan of Action – Step 2 Enlarge the conversation Metacommunication Deeper communication More sincere communication

Plan of Action – Step 3:

Plan of Action – Step 3 Maintains balance in the communication Be aware of my communication style Be aware of the other person’s communication style Balance my needs with the other person’s needs


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