2 point perspective

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Perspective Drawing :

Perspective Drawing Creating the illusion of 3-D on a 2-D plane


Vocabulary Vertical Horizontal Diagonal Horizon line Eye level Vanishing point


Remember… Closer objects are bigger. Further objects are smaller Overlapping creates a feeling of depth

Filippo Brunelleschi:

Filippo Brunelleschi In about 1413 a contemporary of Ghiberti, Filippo Brunelleschi, demonstrated the geometrical method of perspective, used today by artists, by painting the outlines of various Florentine buildings onto a mirror. When the building's outline was continued, he noticed that all of the lines converged on the horizon line.

Leonardo Da Vinci 1495-98:

Leonardo Da Vinci 1495-98

15th century illustration:

15th century illustration general attempt to reduce the size of more distant elements. with relative distance shown by overlapping . But this is abandoned on the right where the most important figure is much larger than the mason.

Modern 2 point perspective:

Modern 2 point perspective

+ 2 point perspective:

+ 2 point perspective


Activity You and a partner complete a 2 point perspective drawing of a city street scene.

Objects that are closer appear bigger.:

Objects that are closer appear bigger.

Parallel lines intersect at the horizon.:

Parallel lines intersect at the horizon.

One Point Perspective Example:

One Point Perspective Example

Two Point Perspective Example:

Two Point Perspective Example

Three Point Perspective Example:

Three Point Perspective Example 3 point perspective is rarely used in drawing. It is required when drawing very tall objects, such as buildings.

Example of Two point perspective.:

Example of Two point perspective.

A sketch of a street. Example of One point perspective.:

A sketch of a street. Example of One point perspective.

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