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SOME THINGS ABOUT YOUR TEACHER ● My name is Ms. Oliver. ● I LOVE math because it’s so AWESOME. ● I like to travel read and cook. ● I enjoy the outdoors.

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MY GOALS FOR YOU ● learn math in a way in which you can apply it to real world situations

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WHAT I EXPECT FROM YOU ● Participate ● Respect others and yourself ● Remain on task ● Behave responsibly

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Before the bell rings... ➔ Hang your backpacks in the coat hanger area ➔ Take out math notebook and two pencils ➔ Sharpen two pencils if needed. ➔ Begin on Do Now Activity. ➔ Remain quiet while working.

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During class…. ➔ Listen carefully for your name as roll is being called. Answer with “here” or “present”. ➔ Pass your Do Now Activity up to the first person in your row. ➔ Wait quietly while papers are collected and for further instructions.

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When class is ending... ➔ Clean up the area around you. ➔ Copy down all homework assignments and due dates. ➔ When instructed each row take your supplies grab your bag and line up before the door. ➔ Remain quiet until the bell rings.

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Going to or at the bathroom... ➔ Walk along the right side of the hallway. ➔ Be quiet and courteous to others passing by. ➔ Do not bring pencilspensor any other items not needed with you in the restroom. ➔ When waiting stand quietly.

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At the lunchroom... ➔ Stand in line quietly with your lunch card ready. ➔ Sit down in the area instructed. ➔ You may talk but use your INSIDE voices. ➔ Give all lunch card to the lunch helper before leaving the cafeteria.

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Looking Forward to a Wonderful Year With You MS. OLIVER GRADE 5 MATH

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