10 Quick Tips for Renting Trash Dumpsters


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With every dumpster we offer, you’re guaranteed to save! For small, medium, or large projects, we provide economical dumpster rentals with enough room to haul away all the accumulated debris. Our smallest dumpster is perfect for decluttering your garage, basement, closets or attic, small renovation projects. Our medium-sized dumpster is great for larger home renovation projects and clean-outs. Our largest dumpster is perfect for any large construction or roofing project you’re working on.


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10 Quick Tips for Renting Trash Dumpsters Created By: Krista Petrovich

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Don’t pay for space you aren’t going to use • Perhaps the most challenging part of renting a dumpster is trying to guess how much space you’ll need. Some dumpster rental companies offer bins in a wide range of sizes from 10 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards if not larger. While it’s difficult to estimate precisely how much junk you need to get rid of one thing you absolutely want to avoid is paying for space that you aren’t going to use. Renting a 20- cubic yard dumpster might seem like “playing it safe” if you aren’t sure how much capacity you need. If you only end up throwing away about eight cubic yards worth of junk though a lot of your money is going down the drain needlessly.

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Know when you need your dumpster and for how long • Before you make a call to a company that rents out trash dumpsters make sure you know the timing of your cleanout or renovation project. What’s the start date When do you think you’ll finish Answering these questions is crucial to making sure your rental goes smoothly. You don’t want to be starting a renovation and not have a dumpster there where you can toss debris. You also don’t want to finish your project and then must deal with a dumpster full of trash sitting in your driveway for two or three days. Junk King offers three five and seven-day rental periods and is always timely about drop-offs and pickups.

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Demand price transparency • Especially when making price comparisons between different dumpster rental companies it’s important to ask about price transparency. Will you get a dependable upfront price quote that you can count on to stay the same Or will you get hit by hidden fees and surcharges that you didn’t expect Some companies advertise their rentals as bargains but then bury you in fuel surcharges built-in tipping fees for drivers and other unfair charges that kick up the price. At Junk King we pride ourselves on fair flexible and transparent pricing.

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Organize your junk when possible • You might not want to start on your cleanout until the dumpster is there and ready to fill. However there are definitely benefits to getting organized beforehand. For instance breaking down boxes instead of just tossing them into the dumpster can conserve space. Putting your lighter-weight junk on the bottom of the bin is also a good idea because then the heavier stuff will push it down and maximise your space.

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Think about what you are throwing away • Depending on the dumpster rental company you choose there might be restrictions on what you can throw away. In some cases there might even different types of bin rentals for different varieties of debris. You probably won’t need to worry about these limitations for the average home renovation or office cleanout but it’s always good to double check.

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Know what you can’t dump • Junk King can handle pretty much any debris you want to toss in your dumpster. The exception is hazardous waste—a limitation you will find with most other dumpster rental companies too. You might not think you have any hazardous waste around the house but there are probably a few items. Wet paint motor oil and other automotive fluids pesticides and batteries all qualify as hazardous waste. If you need a full list of items you can’t throw away in your dumpster ask the rental company to provide one.

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Read customer reviews • If you aren’t sure which dumpster-for- hire company to choose use the Internet as a resource. There are customer reviews for most companies and franchises out there and you can learn a lot from reading them. At Junk King we are proud to have a rating of 9.6 out of 10 based on more than 123000 Listen360 reviews.

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Spare a thought for the environment • Trash disposal and environmental sustainability don’t often go hand-in-hand but they can if you choose the right dumpster rental company. Junk King’s slogan is “America’s Greenest Junk Removal Service” because we don’t just take your junk to the dump right after collecting it. Instead we take each dumpster back to our warehouse and sort through the stuff you threw away. Some of it does end up in landfills but a lot of it can be recycled repurposed or reused. We take this process upon ourselves to save you the time and effort.

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Make sure the dumpster is safe for your driveway • Not all dumpsters are the same. You need to take factors such as weight and dimensions into account to make sure that the dumpster can fit in your driveway without damaging it. Our rental dumpsters are all 8x12 feet making them easy to fit into any driveway and avoid damage to asphalt sidewalks lawns gardens or other features.

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Figure out the right spot for your trash dumpsters • When you rent a dumpster simply finding the right company from which to rent is only half the battle. The next step is filling the thing and you want to make sure that doing so is convenient as possible. Get your dumpster as close to your house or office as possible. That way you can toss lighter debris out the window directly into the dumpster. You also don’t have to carry bulky items as far to dispose of them—saving you and your helpers a lot of the strain of cleanouts and renovations.

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