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Siemens Enterprise Corporation


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Under Guidance of – Mr. Mayank Gupta:

Debjyoti Banerjee B. Tech + M. Tech(ECE) Semester-5 th Section-B November, 2012 Siemens Enterprise Communication Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata Under Guidance of – Mr. Mayank Gupta Voice & Data Networking

Siemens Enterprise Communication:

Siemens Enterprise Communications Group (SEN) with its headquarters in Munich, Germany is a joint venture between financial investor. Today, Siemens Enterprise Communication (SEN) has it’s charisma in 80 countries around the world and consists of more than 15,000 employees working assiduously for it’s more than 1000 clientele. Siemens is dedicated to provide communication solutions (data, voice and video) to enterprises regardless of their size, enormity and expertise with its wide range of Siemens Enterprise Communication, India has it’s headquarter in Mumbai and is divided into eight regions- Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, New Delhi and Kolkata consisting of more than 300 employees. All HiPath Systems are manufactured centrally at Witten, Germany and complete systems are imported to India. All video-conferencing (for which we have a tie-up with Polycom) products are imported from Bangkok. Siemens indeed is a “Global Network of Innovation”. Siemens Enterprise Communication


Onsite Siemens Projects Hindustan Petroleum Fortis The Pride Hotel IIT, Kharagpur Voice EPABX Hipath Devices Data Types of Data Networking Components Components of Data Networks Overview

Voice Networking:

EPABX Servers connecting and routing the voice calls CAT 5 cables Analog RJ-11 cables Equipment Required Voice Networking


EPABX It is a Private exchange used in offices and business organization. It houses within itself a small computer It helps in routing huge amounts of calls generated within an office Its free of charge Has the capacity to expand its features Can simultaneously handle Data as well as Voice calls.


EPABX(contd.) PRI Card BRI Card Manually configured service Cards

Data Networking:

Types of Data Networks NFC(Near Field Communication) Body Area Networks Personal Area Networks Near-Me Area Networks LAN MAN WAN Data Networking

Components of Data Networks:

It’s a Layer 3 device It’s a much more secure device than a HUB Data transfer rate never reduces Keeps track of the transfers with the help of Routing Tables and MAC Address of the device It creates the network Switches Components of Data Networks

Components of Data Networks:

It’s a Layer 3 device It’s a much more secure device Connect computer to internet Chooses the best path to connect the computer to the outside net world It connects the network to with each other Routers Components of Data Networks

Practical Project of Network Placements:

Practical Project of Network Placements

Procedure / Methodology:

Total No. of users and maximum estimation of users are collected Depending on the vastness of the company profile the assumptions are made Servers with selected configurations are installed and maintained Epabxes are designed to the term specific needs Software are designed to control the large directory of phones and internet users in the building Procedure / Methodology

Service and Maintenance:

The user and the servers are maintained by Distribution Box or Electrical Panel Board Panel board separates the user from the server side Service and Maintenance

Thank You:

Project being guided by Mr Amiya Samantray (Sr. Project Site Manager, SEC, Kolkata) Thank You

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