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As a criminal defense attorney, located in North Charleston, South Carolina. Contact us today to discuss your Criminal case. We are committed to protecting your rights and addressing any concerns you may have. Visits:


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At the Deaton Law Firm, LLC , you get a knowledgeable attorney on your team who is committed to providing quality representation. Since opening the doors of his practice, Rad Deaton has provided confidential, timely, and cost-effective results for persons who face complex and serious legal problems in the legal areas of criminal defense , personal injury, DUI, and family law. Mr. Deaton has gained a reputation in communities in South Carolina as a proactive legal advocate who’s not afraid to take creative approaches and use strategies that push conventions of the law to further his client’s interests

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We handle a broad range of criminal charges. From minor misdemeanors, such as driving with a suspended license, to serious felony assault charges, we zealously protect your rights, because we still believe in a legal system that says that you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Every detail of the case against you will be challenged in order to protect your rights, your freedom, and your future.

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Criminal Domestic Violence (CDV) is an issue that receives a significant amount of public attention and scrutiny. Although classified as a misdemeanor, CDV charges carry with them severe consequences that impact citizens’ important constitutional rights, including the right to bear arms. 

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At the Deaton Law Firm, L.L.C ., in North Charleston, South Carolina, we truly believe that our aggressive and experienced attorney can offer personal service so that you get an in-depth understanding about our strategies and approach to your case. Whether you have suffered an injury from a drunk driving accident or a back injury on a construction site job, you deserve a lawyer who will listen to your family’s needs and offer personalized service throughout your case. The last thing you will hear at our law practice is, “Take a number.”

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Child custody and visitation involve the most difficult decisions separating parents will make. At the Deaton Law Firm, LLC , attorney Rad Deaton can help you achieve a workable and amiable child custody resolution that meets your child’s needs.

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What are the Criminal Consequences of Methamphetamine in South Carolina? As a  criminal defense attorney , located in North Charleston, South Carolina, I have seen lives ruined by methamphetamine (meth). Use, possession and sale of meth can send you to prison and you will go through life with a felony charge. In this article, I will define meth, discuss the penalties, possession of paraphernalia and the difference between cocaine and methamphetamine.

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