How to Build an Antique Indian Coins Collection from Colonial Era

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Read and find out how you can build an interesting collection of antique Indian coins from the colonial period. Know about the rare coins of British India along with some other colonial coins.


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How to Build an Antique Indian Coins Collection from Colonial Era :

How to Build an Antique Indian Coins Collection from Colonial Era

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Antique coins of India from the colonial period, have always fascinated collectors all over the world due to their historical significance and beautiful designs. Even before the East India Company started establishing trade relations in India, other colonial powers such as the Dutch, French and Danes had also issued some antique Indian coins.

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For the ease of administration the Indian subcontinent was split into Bombay, Madras and Bengal Presidencies, each of which issued colonial coins of their own. After the revolt of 1857, the British Government took over officially and started issuing different types of antique Indian coins under the Monarch.

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These lovely antique coins of India featured the portrait of the Emperor/ Empress in power along with the denomination and year date. The half rupee silver coin issued in 1862 featuring Queen Victoria is one of the extremely rare coins of British India. Some of them have been auctioned for a handsome amount.

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The Dutch East India Company issued antique Indian coins in denominations such as Duit , Rasi , Cash, Rupee, Stuivers etc, while the French East Indian company issued coins in denominations such as Rupee, Nazrana etc. So, when you are trying to build a unique collection of colonial coins, you can also look for these interesting varieties apart from the regular British India coins.

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The Indian Gold Mohur issued during the regime of Queen Victoria is one of the rarest coins of India that most collectors are keen on acquiring. Similarly, the 1/12th Anna copper coin of Queen Victoria issued in 1874 is supposed to be one of the Rare Coins of British India . Owning such a coin is every collector’s dream!

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