A Brief Look at Coins of India and Their Four Categories

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Here’s a quick look at the four important categories of Indian coins. Refer this presentation to get an overview about coins of India. https://www.mintageworld.com/coin/1-india/


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A Brief Look at Coins of India and Their Four Categories :

A Brief Look at Coins of India and Their Four Categories

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Coins of India are studied by numismatists and historians all over the world due to their rich historical significance. Coins in India can be classified into four main categories based on their time periods namely, Ancient, medieval, colonial and modern. Let’s explore each category in brief today .

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Ancient Coins of India issued by Gandhara Janapada are considered to be the oldest in the world. These rectangular Indian coins were struck from 600BC to 300BC and featured a unique six-armed symbol. Old coins of India struck during the Gupta Era from 320AD to 550AD feature beautiful inscriptions and designs that truly represents the Golden Era of our history .

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Medieval coins of India were issued by Shah Jahan in the name of his wife Mumtaz while many other beautiful coins issued under him featured poetic couplets. During the coronation of Maratha Warrior King Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj , beautiful hon coins were struck in gold. These Indian coins are considered to be very rare and exquisite .

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Coming to the colonial period, the East India Company issued different coins for three presidencies - Bengal, Madras and Bombay. Gold Mohur issued by British India featuring Queen Victoria is rare and sought after. Other European powers like the French, Dutch, Danish and Portuguese also issued their own coins in different parts of the Indian subcontinent in varying denominations and of varying types .

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British India coins were circulated as frozen money even after India’s Independence on 15 th August 1947. The first modern coins of India of the denomination rupee were minted in 1950. The anna series was discontinued and decimal coinage was introduced in India in 1957. Indian Coins struck from 1957 and 1964 featured the legend " Naya Paisa" on them .

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