Evolution of Republic India Notes from 1947 to 1980s

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Refer this presentation to understand how old notes of republic India evolved over a period or 4 decades from India’s Independence in 1947 to the 1980s.


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Evolution of Republic India Notes from 1947 to 1980s :

Evolution of Republic India Notes from 1947 to 1980s

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After India’s independence on 15 th August 1947, the Reserve Bank of India kept issuing extant notes until the Republic of India was formed on 26 th January 1950. New designs of Republic India notes bearing the denomination 1 rupee was introduced in 1949.

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Designs for other notes of Republic India were finalised after the constitution was formed in 1950. Even though a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi was a popular choice, the Lion Capital at Sarnath design was finalised and created as per earlier patterns.

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Old notes of republic India issued in 1953 featured Hindi texts more prominently and notes of high denomination like Rs 1,000, Rs. 5,000, Rs. 10,000 were reintroduced in 1954. Sizes of these old republic India notes were reduced in 1967 due to the degrading economic condition of the sixties.

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A commemorative series of republic India notes were issued in 1969 to observe the 100 th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. These amazing old notes of Republic India featured a seated Gandhi and the Sevagram Ashram in the background .

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Rs. 20 denomination republic India notes were introduced in 1972 and Rs. 50 notes in 1975. High denomination notes were discontinued in 1972. Old Republic Notes of India with interesting designs of Aryabhatta , Oil Rig, Farm Mechanisation, Konark Wheel, Peacock etc. were released in the 1980s.

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