Sets of Beautiful Indian Stamps worth Collecting

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Indian stamps are really very beautiful. Learn why


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Sets of Beautiful Indian Stamps worth Collecting :

Sets of Beautiful Indian Stamps worth Collecting

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India is a country which is known for its unity in diversity. It is amazing how people from different cultures, religions and traditions live together in harmony. Similarly, stamps of India also reflect this diversity in a beautiful way. From architecture, to festivals, to historical events to personalities, there is a lot to explore.

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If you are a nature lover, then you could look for some wonderful Indian stamps that feature flowers, birds and animals of our country. The 10 rupees Gandhi Stamp, overprinted by the word Service is one of the rare stamps of India that is sought after by philatelists all over the world.

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There are several amazing stamps of India that depict the architectural marvels of our country. You can learn about these wonderful structures by collecting Indian stamps. Did you know that India post has issued various scented stamps as well? The last one in this category is dedicated to coffee.

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A set of colourful and artistic Indian stamps were recently released featuring the traditional foods from different parts of our country. A special set of stamps were issued to depict the major events from the great Hindu Mytholigical epic – Ramayana.

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The set of Indian stamps dedicated to dogs and horses of Indian breed is also very interesting. Same is the case with Indian stamps featuring migratory birds . So, if you though stamps of India only depicted important and influential personalities or historical events on them, then you are absolutely wrong.

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