Explore Old Indian Stamps Featuring Popular Indian politicians

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Explore Old Indian Stamps Featuring Popular Indian politicians :

Explore Old Indian Stamps Featuring Popular Indian politicians

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Indian politicians such as Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh to name a few have sacrificed their lives for India. Their struggle to gain independence for the country wasn’t an easy task. Many Indian stamps have been created in their name to honor them for their efforts. The British policy of divide and rule were successful to quite an extent; however, it didn’t brain-washing Indian politicians, who were determined to drive them out.

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After India’s independence, Stamps of India underwent major transformations and depicted famous politicians and events. 2) Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba Gandhi were the first Indian politicians to be featured on old Indian Stamps after India’s independence.

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Stamps in India have evolved a lot after India’s independence in terms of design and look. Social reformers such as Lala Lajpatrai and Ramabai Ranade were also featured on stamps, which are now available on ecommerce websites under rare Indian stamps collection.

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Indian stamps have depicted historic events like the historic Dandi March. However, more than historic events, popular politicians have been featured on Indian stamps .

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Stamp collectors should definitely participate in events where Indian stamps are displayed as they can learn so much about the stamp’s history and enhance their knowledge. In the modern times, Stamps of India have underwent significant changes.

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