How Stamps of India came into existence

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How Stamps of India came into existence:

How Stamps of India came into existence

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In India, the postal communication was started by Emperor Chandragupta Maurya who initiated it to deliver confidential reports to distant places. Indian Stamps came to light only on 21 st November 1947, depicting the Indian Flag.

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History narrates a tale that tells us that Ala- ud -din- Khilji of the Delhi Sultanate started the horse and foot runner service called the Harakuras . The postage stamp system was first established by Great Britain, followed by other countries, including India. Stamps in India came into being during the British period and evolved much after that.

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The Penny Black stamps were issued in Britain and after that India too issued a half- anna stamp in 1852. Within no time, S tamps of India were leading as they had different variations of stamps with them. Indian Stamps were issued with the word “official” or “ sarkari ” or “service” overstamped on them.

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When it comes to postal trivia, Mahatma Gandhi is the only person to be featured on rare stamps of India. On the first anniversary of India’s independence, the postal department of India issued a set of four stamps that nowadays fall under the rare Indian stamps category.

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As far as knowledge goes, India is the only country that has a camel post service in the state of Rajasthan. India has the largest postal network in the world with 1,53,454 post offices, and 5,62,000 letter boxes serving 6,04,341 towns, cities and villages in the country!

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