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Expensive Indian Stamps:

Expensive Indian Stamps

Rare Stamps are Expensive:

Rare Stamps are Expensive We as a whole know it's rare (very very rare) then only it will be expensive and famous. Also it should be from some well know country, regardless of the possibility that it is a rare stamp than also it will be not famous and it will be not expensive. Costly stamps are really made rare so it will eventually become distinctly costly.

10 Rupees Gandhi Service stamp from India:

10 Rupees Gandhi Service stamp from India The10 Rupees Gandhi SERVICE stamp from India was only printed 100 stamps for use only by Governor General of India. (Government usage only). So how in the world normal collector will have this stamp. On the off chance that general individuals can't get it at face esteem than it is not consider a stamp.

Are there Rare Indian Stamps:

Are there Rare Indian Stamps There is nothing RARE or Scare in philately since this side interest is in descending pattern in light of the fact that accomplished collectors are loosing interest since esteem is not acknowledging and new collectors are not coming into this on the grounds that there are parcel of different things to accomplish for them, for example, playing computer games on Nintendo or X-box , person to person communication on facebook or google + or  surfing on web through web or SMS through iphone or android or watch recreations, for example, cricket, football or ball !!

Value of 10 Rupees 1948 Gandhi stamps from India :

Value of 10 Rupees 1948 Gandhi stamps from India $127 sticker price it's still profoundly inflated in the event that you think of it as' value in 1948 and of stamps printed(250,000). In the event that anybody put 10 Rupees in 1948, they will get ($127) 7200 Rupees (127 x 56) following 65 years which is more than 10% return every year from 1948 to 2013, which does not legitimize ROI on the off chance that you look at of stamps gatherer and of Gandhi stamps collectors.

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