How do I Find Reputable Used Car Dealers


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Because cars tend to have more problems as they get older and see more use, buying used cars tends to bring with it a certain degree of risk. Although this risk is always present, you can minimize it somewhat by dealing only with reputable used car dealers.


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Finding Reputable Used Car Dealers Research used car dealers’ reputations before making a purchase Use Internet to locate information about a specific car dealer Another method is via the Better Business Bureau (BBB) The value of word-of-mouth should not be overlooked Internet is one of the best tools at one’s disposal There are many review websites online Users can identify which dealers have positive or negative reputations A keyword search using the dealer’s name reviews that other customers have written Search engines pull in reviews enabling the user to view many reviews in one place This organization sets certain standards to meet in order to maintain their membership Buying from a BBB car dealer provide a certain amount of security and peace of mind When used in combination, they can make a difficult decision much easier Source: How Do I Find Reputable Used Car Dealers? - SlideSnack

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