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I believe in these four rights for a better humanity Right to Food Right to Water Right to Knowledge Right to Healing Do you?


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Four Rights for A Better Humanity:

Four Rights for A Better Humanity

Four Rights for a Better Humanity:

Four Rights for a Better Humanity Right to Food Right to Water Right to Knowledge Right to Healing

Right to Food:

Right to Food

Slide 4:

Statistics prove there is enough food in the world to feed the entire humanity despite the staggering population today!

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Yet, Nearly 1 in every 7 humans goes hungry every day. 5 million children die due to undernutrition every year.

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Why? They cannot afford food!

Slide 7:

Today food is a commodity. Those who can pay live. Those who cannot must go hungry and eventually die. Survival of the economically fittest!

Slide 8:

People tell me if I give food to the needy they will become lazy. People can die of hunger and malnutrition but they cannot live lazy? If we have enough food to go around, then what’s the problem in sharing it?

Slide 9:

I believe every person has a right to eat the food growing on this planet. Do you?

Right to Water:

Right to Water

Slide 11:

Again the problem with water today is not scarcity but access.

Slide 12:

Roughly 1 in 8 humans lack access to safe water supplies. 3.575 million people die each year from water-related disease. Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water-related disease.

Slide 13:

Why? Again the same reason, money!

Slide 14:

People living in the slums often pay 5-10 times more per liter of water than wealthy people living in the same city. If they can’t buy water, then they drink from a contaminated source. Who contaminated the water in first place?

Slide 15:

I believe just being born on this earth gives us a right to this planet’s clean waters. Do you?

Right to Knowledge:

Right to Knowledge

Slide 17:

An educated person is not necessarily a knowledgeable person. Knowledge is awareness and practical information.

Slide 18:

I mean knowledge about healing and health, food and water, language and math, value of life and spiritual growth, etc.

Slide 19:

Today knowledge is copyrighted, patented, and sold. Today ideas belong to people who get them. But ideas come to people who have knowledge.

Slide 20:

Why can’t we share ideas freely?

Slide 21:

People grow rich not through equality but through unequal opportunity and suppressed knowledge.

Slide 22:

Why can’t we share knowledge freely?

Slide 23:

I believe knowledge belongs to the world and must be shared as such. Do you?

Right to Healing:

Right to Healing

Slide 25:

I believe every person inherently has the power to heal himself. Healing is not just cure for a disease, but the knowledge of healthy living as well!

Slide 26:

But the knowledge is either lost or being suppressed for economic profit.

Slide 27:

So if humans cannot heal themselves, must healing be charged?

Slide 28:

Again the same story of economic inequality repeats itself. You can live if you pay. Die if you cannot.

Slide 29:

I believe every person has a right to free healing and the secrets to self healing and healthy living. Do you?

Slide 30:

I believe these four rights Right to Food Right to Water Right to Knowledge Right to Healing are birthrights of every person born on this planet. Do you?

Slide 31:

If you do then what can you do about it: Claim your rights! Inform others about your beliefs! You can also…

Slide 32:

Offer food and water to people who need it whenever you can. If you believe in the four rights, then remember you are not donating. It is the receiver’s right. So put the ‘donor’s ego’ aside and just give.

Slide 33:

Find homeless people or homes for poor and contribute food. Collect food (preferably raw) and clean drinking water from your neighbours every weekend and contribute it to those who need it.

Slide 34:

If you are a farmer, why not contribute a part of your yield to your needy neighbours. If you own a restaurant or a food shop, you can sponsor some food for the poor in that locality. Remember, you need not think of sending food to starving nations halfway across the world. The poor are in your locality too!

Slide 35:

Learn! There is a wealth of information online that your college education has not bothered to teach you.

Slide 36:

Learn! Learn the truth about Money and creation of false depressions Suppression of alternative healing Alternative energy sources Manipulation and genetic modification of food Bids to turn food and water into private corporate commodities Learn!

Slide 37:

Share your ideas. If you have some sort of practical knowledge, why not offer it to the world without charge. Perhaps make a documentary on it, write an ebook.

Slide 38:

Share your ideas. If you are an author of many knowledgeable books, see if you can offer any one book for free online. Piracy is doing it anyway; why not make it legal.

Slide 39:

Share your ideas. Internet may not reach the poor. But when I speak of rights I speak not just of poor, but entire humanity as such.

Slide 40:

Share your ideas. Volunteer your time to teach in orphanages or go to slums and teach there. Teach subjects that are practical and useful. Spread awareness about health, sanitation, or any topics that are important for a healthy life.

Slide 41:

Offer Healing. If you are a healer or doctor, why not offer free healing a few hours every week. Or, at least, think about very low priced healing, if your main source of sustenance is your healing profession. Spread awareness about health, sanitation, or any topics that are important for a healthy life.

Slide 42:

Above all, think! For most of us social service has a limited definition – like food donation every year to an old age home on the occasion of your child’s birthday or a company sponsored visit to an orphanage. Or perhaps just donating money. Do not donate money. Donate products or service. Why? Think!

Slide 43:

Join us on Facebook at Four Rights group But remember, online group is just for support and motivation. Real change can be brought only by offline action! I only hope we will not be forced to add another right to the list Right to Air! Act Now!

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