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A salute to the volunteers of the Wildwood Soup Kitchen in Wildwood, Florida. The presentation was delivered at the volunteer appreciation dinner on April 22, 2010.


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The Wildwood Soup Kitchen Doing God’s Work 0701

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Why the Wildwood Soup Kitchen? Simply because the Gospel commands it! The Wildwood Soup Kitchen

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“…for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me…” Matthew 25:35 …whatsoever you do…

…thanks from our guests : 

…thanks from our guests

…thanks from our guests : 

…thanks from our guests

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The Wildwood Soup Kitchen …and special thanks to our gracious host… Pastor Bill Kramp and the First Presbyterian Church of Wildwood

He will remain in our memory… : 

He will remain in our memory… Clair was among that very first group of volunteers who began the Soup Kitchen back in the early 90s. A tireless, cheerful worker in God’s vineyard, he was our original Mr. Fixit. We will miss him. Clair Dione

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The Wildwood Soup Kitchen 68,350 68,350 …the number of meals we served and delivered in 2009!

The need grows…along with expenses : 

The need grows…along with expenses

Some 2009 Highlights… : 

Some 2009 Highlights… Successful holiday operations: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year… Physical plant improvements and planning Facility painted and redecorated Focus on Kitchen & Food Safety Named “Non-Profit” organization of the year by the Sumter County Chamber of Commerce Walk-In Freezer and Refrigeration Unit

The Big Freeze… : 

The Big Freeze…

Some 2009 Highlights… : 

Some 2009 Highlights… The need continues to grow, a 10% increase in meals served over 2008 Fund-raising efforts “Souper” Bowl Sunday Seeds of Hope $$ from local churches and businesses $$ and Food donations from civic, neighborhood, and other organizations Increased donations from individuals Bequests and memorial donations

Some Plans for 2010 : 

Some Plans for 2010 Expanded fund-raising efforts Continued improvements to the Soup Kitchen

Your Board of Directors… : 

Your Board of Directors…

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The Wildwood Soup Kitchen Visit the Wildwood Soup Kitchen web site… www.wildwoodsoupkitchen.com

The Wildwood Soup Kitchen : 

The Wildwood Soup Kitchen

Thou shalt have fun! : 

The Wildwood Soup Kitchen Thou shalt have fun!

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…and, remember, when Jesus fed the 5,000, He didn’t start with nothing… The Wildwood Soup Kitchen He used a young boy’s gifts and turned them into a miracle.

Wildwood Soup Kitchen : 

Thank You and Bless You for doing God’s Saving Work Wildwood Soup Kitchen

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