Solar powered stirling engine

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Name of Innovation: Solar powered stirling engine:

Name of Innovation: Solar powered stirling engine Team : ACEWHEELERZ Members of the Team : K.Saravanakishore,B.Seenu,R.Vinothkumar,N.Raji Name of College and City: PSG college of technology Course of specialization: Final Year B.E Automobile Engineering Year/ Batch: 2010-2014 College ID: 10A243,10A245,10A257,10A235 Name of the Professor/ Placement officer involved in this project: R.Ravichandran

Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted::

Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted: Idea: It is at a nascent stage where it is a thought with substantial research material or a design

The Innovation:

The Innovation Summary Chosen industry : Public Services Chosen technologies : Mobility Objective : To provide a supplementary energy along with our electrical supply in order to reduce the energy consumption of household appliances. Maximum Points: 10

The Innovation:

The Innovation Approach: The produced energy is used to run the home appliances which reduces the need of electrical energy produced by conventional methods

The Innovation:

The Innovation Innovation Developed : The innovation that we developed helps to achieve the sustainable development that we long to achieve The engine that we developed helps to produce electricity by use of stirling cycle The engine is mounted with a concave disc that concentrates solar energy(heat) to the engine. This expands the air inside the engine and as it expands the air gets cooled thus this process is continuous producing energy The pressure created by the expanding gas drives a piston, crank shaft and drive shaft assembly much like those found in internal combustion engines but without igniting the gas This energy is converted to electrical energy through the help of connecting a generator with that engine This electrical energy is connected to our home appliances and is used to run them.

Compelling need for the innovation:

Compelling need for the innovation Nowadays, more and more countries have recognized that a society with sustainable development should be able to meet the needs of the community without endangering future generations. Therefore, use clean energy as much as possible instead of the high carbon content of fossil energy is a principle which should be followed during energy construction. Vigorously develop new and renewable sources of energy utilization technology will be an important measure to reduce pollution . If we see our innovation in this aspect then you can see that the stirling engine uses a normal gas for its operation which means it is safe to say that it has zero emissions As well as the cost is concerned the from the installation of the device to that of its maintenance it is very cheap since it uses simple mechanics and less components No need to refill the working fluid because it uses always the same body of gas so it can be used by all people. Also by introducing our device in homes we tend to decrease the conventional electrical energy produced by conventional methods and thereby reducing that form of pollution too. Maximum Points: 20


Impact Our innovation will have impact on all classes of people since it is affordable and ultimately reduces our electricity bill by a significant amount, it will be given a warm welcome on its introduction. Our innovation’s success can be easily interpreted since it can be seen through the electricity bill or usage of the homes before the usage of our device and after installation. As far as to measure the total impact a particular place’s elecrticity usage can be analyzed before and after the device’s installation. If we see our scope of our innovation in a long term it is tremendous since the depletion of fossil fuels is very high it will become completely depleted within a span of 50 years, so a energy which is clean and sustainable is to be developed by us in order to live a comfortable life This can be achieved through our innovation and it can also be said that it is a first step in the path of sustainable development. So it is safer to assume that if our is implemented to normal households it could have a greater impact than all other non-conventional energy producing methods as of today Maximum Points: 30


Implementation CHALLENGES SOLUTION TIME BUDGET Size of the Stirling Engine to produce the electricity required for the household applicances Study of Literature ,Determining the size theoretically&Verifying it experimentally 6 Months Rs.14,000.00 Concentration of Solar Energy at a particular point to provide required heat to move the piston is difficult Designing the solar dish such that all reflected light falls at center of dish & testing it 2 Months Rs.3,000.00 Space constraint and varying requirement of Electricity in each Household. Doing a survey on houses in a certain area & decide the requirement at that area. 3 Months Rs.6,000.00

The Competitive Advantage:

The Competitive Advantage The competition for our device are solar cells, but it is to be noted that unlike solar cells our device has an efficiency of around 31%(for solar cells it is 14-16%), so maximum use of the sun’s potential is also met by us If we see other non-conventional sources such as geothermal energy, tidal energy, wind energy it cannot be implemented with a smaller budget and requires a longer time for its implementation too But as for as our device is concerned it can be completely installed all over our country within a span of 5 years and is also cheaper than the non-conventional energies that we discussed above. Also a viable large scale production of energy can be achieved through nuclear power plants but as we all know the harmful effects of those reactors If we see the scope fuel cells as our competitor too we have the following advantage Fuel cells if exploded can cause severe damage whereas our device is non- explodable The storage of hydrogen for fuel cells is very difficult whereas we use normal air as our fuel so it is easy to store them Maximum Points: 30

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