Self Sustained Solution Interface ( SSSI)

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Self Sustained Solution Interface ( SSSI):

Self Sustained Solution Interface ( SSSI) Team/ Individual Name: wEINNOVATE Members of the Team: 1) ABHINAV GUPTA 2) ANSHUL JAIN Name of College and City: VIT UNIVERSITY , Vellore Course of specialization: B Tech. (MECAHNICAL) Year/ Batch: 3 rd College ID: Name of the Professor/ Placement officer involved in this project: NA

Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted::

Choose the stage of Innovation you’ve submitted: Idea Prototype Established Scaling

The Innovation:

The Innovation Industry : 3) Public Services Chosen technologies: Mobility, Social Media and Analytics Objective- Our objective is to provide hassle education opportunities, reliable information, suggestions and discussion opportunities. Approach- To add more and more number of youth currently pursuing their education and are in need of suggestions, material, discussion rooms, counseling sessions, opportunity news and motivation. We are also focusing on major obstacles one faces during the career. Innovation developed-We intend to provide an interface for a variety of people with the only requisite of having access to internet. The interface would be in the form of a forum which deals with day-to-day concerns of the present day youth, be it finding rating of a book or seller for an old book and henceforth the buyers, a discussion forum for various latest trends and emerging technologies, chat-rooms for users to interact virtually to rectify their problems themselves. We intend to provide a S elf S ustained S olution I nterface ( SSSI). Maximum Points: 10

Compelling need for the innovation:

Compelling need for the innovation Youth of this country will determine the direction the economy takes. As per the Census of India – 2001 the population under 34 years was around 41 %. In developed countries 30% of students go for higher education after high school. In India the figure is 6.5% only. This shows that we are quiet progressive in our education system. Now, on the other side, there are a few big problems which our youth encounter on a daily basis. - Lack of proper counselling . - Not enough knowledge about latest trends of your own field - Increase in stress resulting in suicides and drug abuse. - Absence of proper learning ambience and interaction with fellow learners. While in study period, lack of proper reference material and academic guidance. Exploring the concurrent activities and happenings around the globe, be it social or technical . All these field are quite diverse and our intention is to knit all such things in a single interface, and such interfaces aren’t easy to find. Maximum Points: 20


Impact Since these days use of electronic media and web services are at it’s max. Nearly 80% of today’s urban youth has accessibility to internet. Now if they use net regularly, we can provide a medium to them on their favourite leisure itself i.e., internet, which enables them to rectify their problems, get proper and professional guidance, meet their various career as well as personal demands. Such a interface will enable a person to know where he can buy second hand GATE notes for instance, or to sell his used book or even donate it, to get his facts correct about an institution he intends to join, or the discuss the possibilities and scopes in the field he wants to pursue. Maximum Points: 30


Implementation Budget requirements: Initial establishment cost is not much significant here because we do our business online. As far book-selling part is concerned, we require to hire a courier service with an all-India span. The source of profit here would be the difference in the price quoted by seller and accepted by buyer, after waving off the delivering charges. For counseling, there are many who render their service without charging. If our profit pool permits, we would even hire professionals without charging our users anything. The discussion forum and chat groups are budget independent modules and requires only active participation of interested individuals. Maximum Points: 50


Timeline.. We have a rich experience of handling such interfaces for last two years ; My Idea ( Page: https :// ) ( Group: / presently 14939 active members around the globe) 2. VIT e-book : ( free e-books on almost all topics for all its users on demand) ( Group: https :// / 3233 members presently) We also have few pages and a blog dedicated to lively discussions, and working on our website on SSSI.

The Competitive Advantage:

The Competitive Advantage You can deal a highly diverse fields at a single place. Free and professional online councelling . Efficient and easy buying and selling of Second hand books and other educational materials. To provide aid in all possible form to talented but underprivilleged children. Can act as a social-interaction platform even for educational hangouts !! We will patent our website as soon as we launch it. Maximum Points: 30

Thank You:

Thank You

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