Hand gesture based remote control for electrical appliances

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Flexmote - Hand gesture based remote control for electrical appliances:

Flexmote - Hand gesture based remote control for electrical appliances TeamName : Passionate Mortals Members of the Team: Akash Bavishi , Ajinkya Abhang , Sanju Bandgar Name of College and City: Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College Of Engineering Course of specialization: Electronics Engineering Year/ Batch: 2010-2014 Name of the Professor: Mr Bhanu Prasad


IDEA Humans naturally use gesture to communicate. Even in verbal communication , we use gestures to convey our messasge completely. So using this natural flair of gesture, human can interface with the electrical appliance. It can be used as a command to control different electrical devices . So our natural or body movements (gestures) can be used as a command to operate electrical appliances. The central idea of this project is to design a hand glove that can wirelessly control electrical appliances.

The Innovation:

The Innovation Industry: Public Services Chosen technologies: Mobility and Analytics. Objective: The primary objective of this device is to switch electrical appliances from on state to off state and vice versa wirelessly with the aid of hand gesture Approach Flex sensors are used to determine the degree of bend. In this project five flex sensors along the fingers will form the crux of gesture detection This analog data from sensors is converted to digital with the help of A/D converter. This digital data is processed by microcontroller and then transmitted to a receiving station At receiving station this transmitted data is received . These signals are then given to microcontroller which further operates switching circuit.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Transmitter (top) , Receiver (Bottom)

Compelling need for the innovation:

Compelling need for the innovation Although traditional remote control can be used to control electrical appliances but it is very difficult for an elderly person to locate a button to control the desired appliance. Same problem is associated with people using any kind of visual aids. This device can help disabled persons (limited movement of lower body ) to control electrical appliances by a mere gesture of hand. This device can help bed ridden patients to control electrical appliance simply by an action


Impact This device can help hospital patients, partially paralysed and people using visual aids to control electrical appliance at their will, and not be dependent on any attendant or care taker for this small task. It empowers above mentioned people and makes them independent, although in a small way Even otherwise, if this is used at domestic level it can bring an altogether new approach in device switching.  


Implementation Feasible timeline: 6-7 months. Budget: 15000 – 20000 Rs The only problem is to make this project comercially available, which demands funds. We are planning to approach certain manufacturers to accept our idea and to make it comercially viable.

The Competitive Advantage:

The Competitive Advantage Presently available devices for control of devices uses remote which requires locating a specific button for desired task. In this project we control appliances merely by gesture so it eases tension of locating such buttons.

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